Thursday, 17 February 2011

Stargazer's Painting/Malifaux Corner

Good afternoon people of the world, it's been a busy week hasn't it? It seems everyone I know including my co-authors on here have had a crazy week. Hence my post today isn't going to be the longest in the world unlike last week....

I was originally intending
to bring to you a how to on painting different hair colours however there's one slight problem, I haven't had a chance to paint the hair to show you how to. So that will be next weeks blog post. This week though I thought I would show you another member of my Malifaux crew, Madame Sybelle. She is a pretty important character within the crew as she links it all together allowing me to do some pretty nifty things. In the fluff she was the owner of the brothel that Seamus attacked who was along with her ladies of the night resurrected to serve Seamus.

I'll start off with the skin. - this is the same on all of my zombie models so is pretty transferable as a technique for zombie skin in general. I started with a basecoat of Tanned Flesh which was then highlighted with Dwarf Flesh followed by another highlight of Dwarf Flesh + Skull White. This was then washed firstly with Devlan Mud just to shade the recesses then a glaze of both Green Wash and Red Wash to make the flesh look both raw and rotting.

Then another highlight with Dwarf Flesh + Skull White (you can miss this out if you want older more dead flesh) then a less diluted wash of yellow around the eyes, mouth and any cuts to make the look infected and generally nasty...

The Red - This is done with a basecoat of Red Gore (a few coats are needed to get even coverage Mechrite Red would probably work just as well) the for the highlights add in bits of Commando Khaki (my favourite colour you might notice) if you realise that the red is looking too pink then once it has dried just go over it with a red wash to tie it all back together again. For shading use either Devlan Mud or Badab Black this one is personal preference as to which one and you probably could use both if you really wanted ;)

The Black - This is pretty easy, just slowly add in small amounts of Grey to Chaos Black until you get a high enough highlight, remember cloth wont have as higher highlight as a hard surface such as armour.

The brown on the fan and whip - Again pretty simple, Scorched Brown basecoat with Snakebite Leather and Commando Khaki added in as you go lighter. This can be used with anything from really dark browns to almost Khaki coloured objects it's just a case of how much of each colour you add.

The "tights" - I did these by just washing the skin colour with a diluted Chaos Black. This gives quite a rough finish. If you want something smoother then highlight up from black adding your skins final highlight into the mix if that makes sense (its much easier to show than explain)

So yeah that's pretty much it I guess.. sorry for such a short one I promise next weeks will be longer and more in depth.

Hope this was useful and for another week,

Stargazer out.


  1. Disgusting, gross, and disturbing! In other words, a perfect paint job for a Resurrectionist, and especially Sybelle

  2. yuk. really is a gross model that one. think i'd rather get close to a plaguebearer than that thing.

    looking forward to next weeks post!

  3. Thanks people, yeh it's a really nice (or disgusting....) sculpt, like most of the Malifaux models tbh. I'm pretty happy how this turned out considering it was the first zombie I had ever painted and kinda winged it on the colour scheme lol.

    @Magilla do u play malifaux then? good to see more people playing it

    @Atreides better hurry up and get your rulebook bud so we can get playing ;)

  4. it just arrived today!! nicely co-incided with the job, so i can afford to order some models when i've had a good read :D

  5. yeah last weeks thread might make a bit more sense after you've had a read through lol