Monday, 21 February 2011

Grey Knights Psycannon Spam! 1750

Plain and simple. Have seen 'dex, but not with psycannon stats.
ALL rumours point to S7.
MOST point to Rending.
ALL say the same range.
Either Assault 2 or Heavy 3/4. Requires clarity...

However, lets have a look at what an all FOOT, Psycannon spamming GK army could do.

First we take a Inquisitor with a 'Cannon - cheap.
Warband for him of 3 Servitors with either MM or HB for free... not bad for 30!

Next we go with 3 Purifier Squads - each with 2 'Cannons.
Next we have 4 FULL PAGK squads for Troops, Combat Squad with 2 'Cannons.
Next we go 3 Purgation squads with 3 'Cannons x2 and one squad with just 2 'Cannons.

Done @ 1750 on the nose....thought these GK armies were going to be small? ;)

If we combat squad, thats 15 threat vectors with S7 multiple shots at high BS. If we stay together thats still 11 and the Troops become deadly to vehicles.

It's also 70 marine bodies.

Where possible in cover or generating their own through layers (not inter-woven)

Just for a laugh!

What do y'all think? Not very mobile as no pointsfor personal teleporters.. Alot of bodies to kill and its a bitch in close combat too...


  1. GK armies are not going to be small in any shape or form. They horribly cheap for all the gear they get.

  2. I agree totally...this was my first glance at the dex and this is what I thought! Contradictory to everything heard so far...mainly because guys just report the crazy shit, not the stuff that is likely to hit the tables...although I am sure there will be some Paladin armies...

  3. so is an inquisition army possible then?

  4. Very much so. Crusaders come as standard with storm a grav load of other choices...corteaz unlock them...

  5. well that sorts out my next army then :P

  6. Interesting. Few things though, Im almost 100% sure that psycannons will be 20pts for the GKST's not 10, clearly a miss-type (look at the purgation squads entry in the rules section, the have 2 attacks basic lol) so there are a lot of mistakes. If you are going to take that approach, I really would take a libby for shrouding, which is going to be invaluable. Also his teleporting power will be very useful for redeployment, which is necessary in a foot list.

    How did you lads do over the weekend?

  7. The inqusition lists could be pretty interesting. High numbers with pretty decent gear.

    I am genuinly looking forward to the codex, I still am taking everything with a grain of salt since the PDF is not much more than the rumours consolidated into a document - its the same stuff we saw last week really.

    I do have a feeling I'll end up with quite a foot heavy list w/ libby (like you say KS) and some other bits, then maybe the rock of all rock lists - the ghost dude + the paladin dude - like 15 model army but hilarious. I'll prob drop a 500 to 700 on models I think lol.

  8. razorbacks are listed as fast. mistake?

    there are extraordinally cheap multimeltas in the henchman squads, and a load of other options which make them an amazing choice.

    the dreadknight is a perfect opportunity for me to build and field some completely scratchbuilt larger robots, even in an all inquisition army.

    the assassins are damn cool, but still far too weak with 2W and a crappy 4+.

    just as i begin to feel my guard are 'finished' at last, a new viable project comes alone. this codex was the last place i thought to see that.

  9. I think there are some errors clearly... but we have far more than the general 'thrust' or rumours to go on with it...

    I'd love to see an Inq warband hit the tabletop bro...