Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Guest Post - Painting & Malifaux from Stargazer

Hi Guys my name is Stargazer and I have been very kindly allowed by Ven to start posting on this blog.

A bit about me, I’ve been involved in Warhammer 40k and related things for the last 8 years but really have only begun to play with a really high quality of gamers and paint somewhere near the standard I’m at now for the last 3 years.

I really love the hobby as a whole and over the last six months I have begun branching out into other things such as Malifaux. I play or have played many different armies over the period of time that I have been involved in the hobby such as Eldar, Dark Eldar and of course Space Marines! In fact my first army were Blood Angels and my current Space Marine chapter is a Blood Angels successor so I guess SoS isn’t a bad place for me to be considering the Blood Angel love.

I believe I have a relatively well rounded view of the codices as well as the rulebook having been playing (although not at a high standard) since 3rd Ed.

So what am I going to bring to the blog? Well I have noticed there is a bit of a lack of painting on the blog so being a bit of a painter along with a gamer (read not very good gamer so has to make up for it with pretty toys :p) I think I can solve this problem by showcasing what I have painted. I currently play quite a large amount of Malifaux as well so inevitably I will be discussing that as well as showing you my painted models both 40k and Malifaux. This has also coincided pretty well with a new army project I’m about to undertake so hopefully I will be bringing you that as I get painting it.

So enough talk and time for a bit of show and tell…

This is a Tank Commander Chronos model that I painted in early 2010 and I was trying out a few different things, primarily forgeworld pigment powders. I quite liked the overall outcome of the model although there are a few rough bits such as a mould line here and there.

Something I meant to mention earlier is if anyone wants to know how I do anything in regards to painting certain things, feel free to ask in the comments and I’ll do my best to explain.

Anyway that’s it for now. Hope you enjoyed it and there will hopefully be more to come!



  1. great to have you on board mate, and some fantastic looking models there! some of those malfeuxwhatsit models are pretty damn wierd huh...

  2. cheers mate, yeah the malifaux stuff is a little crazy. The top guy Seamus is a victorian pimp with a crew of undead prostitutes that he resurrects from the dead. 2nd one is an Ice Witch and the 4th down was the owner of the brothel from which all of Seamus' undead hookers come from. Actually maybe Malfaux is a lot crazy.... lol