Friday, 28 January 2011

D'Oh! When it rains...

Got a couple of great games in yesterday at our new SoS Gaming Club.

Played 2 Imperial Guard players back to back, one being SoS’s very own Atreides with a slight variation on his 1750 X Legion list and the other being a lad called Wookie…top player and top bloke.
Wookie is the one player in our local area that I have yet to beat. We’ve drawn a couple of times…and I’ve lost a couple of times.
Vs Atreides, we both played potential lists for X Legion and fought our way to a bloody draw, ending on turn 5 with no real view to anything better for either of us in Turn 6…
So I need to reflect on what’s what… I need to let you in on a secret.
It’s a massive secret that I certainly can’t tell all of you loyal SoS readers… just you dear reader..

I lost 10 – 2 on Kill Points… and conceded in Turn 3.
Shit dog. Did you just read that? Yup. WTF…
How did this nonsense happen? Was it just one of those things?
Well, in the spirit of being a reflective learner (something I’m working on at school with the kids)… I need to reflect on this bullshit.
Major errors on my part?


I forgot my own counter to alpha striking and allowed myself to get Alpha’d…I say allowed myself as I won the roll to scout first and moved the wrong Baal first…letting a vendetta in and then immobilising my other one.. dildo…

In addition to this I put both Baals on one flank, rather than one on either end of my lines – ‘bookending’ them so that they could scout forward and prevent alpha strikes against my main lines.. stupid.

Ah well.

What did I notice then…that with good range and slight mobility I will struggle to keep all my tanks alive when going second..

This was compounded by another, major factor…. Over the course of 2 games, I made 4 cover saves….smoke, obscured or Shield… out of countless saves generated. I mean it was like 2 or 3 made per game out of at least 18?

This was beyond bad rolling, this was a joke..

The way I see it… karma owes me like a mother fucker.

The other way to see it… when the board has very little LOS blocking terrain and you go second vs a dangerous IG player…suck it up man.

I honestly could not think of anything I had done that was so so wrong… other than bad dice rolling…

The Sternguard/Libbie – Lance drop worked nicely.. beautiful position…Sternies blew away a Vendetta…Libbie penetrated 3 vehicles with Lance…then whiffed all the rolls on the damage table… Stunned for the win…

I continue to take risks with driving vehicles through terrain and immobilising them in poor position, for situations that could realistically be avoided…

Such as scouting a Baal through a wall, leaving its side armour in clear view of Lascannon wielding Veterans opposite it…

Other errors or failures to capitalise… neglecting to push forward far enough for my Meltaguns to get used.. in both games there were far too many IG vehicles left standing as I did not move my LasPlasBacks up enough til late in the game.
I am still stuck in Imperial Guard mode..
I need to break out of that mindset.
I want to break free, to quote Mr Mercury!
I think I need something vastly different to roll with as my BA..
Something that is not trying to beat the IG at their own game.
We need to say “fuck you” to Hydra’s and Vendetta’s…
How can we do this? I have ideas and I’ll share them with you soon…
That’s just the kind of guy I am ;)


  1. Interesting with the stern guard, certainly some creative options with them. How did you set them up? Guessing Libby w/ Lance/Shield + x5 combi meltas? Thinking about it there are some really funky things you could do with them, now I think of it, with Fear / Lance + the drop pod deployment options. For example have the libby leave the squad (easy to walk out of 2", though in non-kp missions) and have him ready to fear contents (e.g deathstar units) or fear a 2nd long fang squad while the sternguard go to town with melta on a tank or their rapid firing AP3 on fangs for example.

    I wanted to try and get some more melta in at 1750, but I am going a different route, its a bit like your honor guard ... but not lol. Just gets me using some of my favourite models/fluff in the game.

    @Andy (or ven) what was the list you were rocking with the guard? A modified version of the troopers list? I do really prefer that one just due to the multiple deployment and tactical flexibility it offers.

    Interested to see your hydra/vendy idea, they were a pain in the backside vs me as well.

  2. Archnomad likes his dozers... maybe you should learn from him?

  3. BroLo...I have something that might be right up his street then lol... check in tomorrow afternoon dude... dozers galore...

  4. Yeah I been using dozers the last 3 games - ironically I've not even gone through terrain.

    Still I ordered a big load of the Forge world ones that came the other day. They look bad ass (why GW swapped from the old school ones to these piddly little ones I'll never know)

  5. I'm using the Chimera ones in my new ImmoBAlizer list... check it post

    Though the FW ones are awesomesauce!