Tuesday, 25 January 2011

WIP "Blanche" Honour Guard

Quick update.

I'm trying out a new idea for my Honour Guard squad. I've been inspired by this painting log over on Heresy and I'm basically imitating it...for just one squad.

The dirty white is very John Blanche (anyone remember those mini's of his from an old WD...it was his CSM I think...they looked very cool..just like his art)... and I love the idea to differentiate my Honour Guard from my regular marines.

The normal RAS boys just look like the red armour you see here, except I'm using wet blending for most of the highlights except the final touch of blazing orange...

But the real difference is the white...shown here as WIP on one dude:

We literally just wash the white (which is two watered down coats over a grey primer) with gryphonne sepia, then when dry, with devlan mud...on the left you can just see the Sepia...

The back pack shows the dirty white after it has been cleared up and 'tidied' with watered down white...

Here is the dude as he is RIGHT NOW...

Still work to do, but I'm loving how easy it is and how great it looks...

Perhaps not the easiest to see in the poor lighting...but shit...they look cool...

And a Razorback tarted up for them will look great too..

Much more to come!!!


  1. I really like that mate, really simple and easy way to differentiate the HG and nicely executed, goes really well with your dirty look on your vehicles as well. Can't wait to see them in the flesh ;)

  2. Thats a really nice "grim dark" white if you get my meaning.

    Actually come to think of it, that would work quite well for my rank and file troops when needing a "quick" finish, as my process is v.slow right now I have to say - I'd just use a slight bleach bone mix to the white and it would work quite well I think.

  3. cheers guys, am working on more battle damage and the rest of the squad.. hope they'll look even better... I am loving actually being at the painting table for a change...

  4. Looking good. I quite enjoy the occasional painting blitz as well. I just have to get as much done as fast as possible because I'll burn out pretty quickly.

  5. Thats my goal this weekend I have to say, I got like 2 big deliveries coming Sat so I cant go anywhere. If I dont have my 1750 all magnetised/based/base coated I'll be v.disappointed.