Thursday, 2 December 2010

Whoot! New Author!! Introducing Andy!

I'm obviously Triple H...He's cooler IMHO!
Much like Kenny Powers making his entrance to his new team, Atr_127 needed a very quick little pep talk before he got stuck right in and said “Fuck yes!” to being an author on the site.

Why do I need him? I don’t need anyone, I’m a god amongst men.

I’d like him…because Atr_127 has a fantastic alternative view point to my own. His primary strength, other than strategy and list building is that he is an excellent scratch builder and conversion-type dude.

His Vendetta’s with VTOL Helicopter type things look immense… just don’t mention Avatar or he’ll probably cut you. Yes, he’s a refined Cambridge boy…but mention Avatar as inspiration and you are fucked.

We get it, Atr, you started them long before Avatar…we believe you (NOTE: Piercing the 4th wall as it were…we don’t dear reader! Lol)

He’ll be posting on all manner of things, much in the same way as I do...meandering across the wide open vistas of Warhamms.

Without further ado, I’ll call it a day at that and let the man speak for himself!

Later, and remember dear readers, SoS (Sons of Sanguinius –get it?) is going to get bigger, better and more bitchin’ than ever!

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