Sunday, 7 November 2010

Unusually for me....WIP shots IG

I don't normally put hobby project stuff up, but feel the need to 'catalogue' this one...My IG are coming on very well in swift-ish order.

I have to be honest - it's slower than one of my normal projects wherein I will simply buy 1500 points worth to an army list I have already decided on.

In one go.

With the Guard I am forced to go a little slower as whilst I am pretty sure of my list, it still requires tweaking and I am somewhat strapped for home blah blah boring.

But I am proud to say I am just under half way and will be attempting to smash the back doors in of several 1000 point armies on Tuesday....yes, I only have 815  points built and ready to roll, yes - all of it will be primed with FoW German Gray by Tuesday....

Bring the pain.

On that note, picked up my DE codex from parents (I still haven't switched over postal details to new house...) so will be having a proper read tonight...really wasn't much point in pre-ordering.

Did hear a random factoid today - pre-orders for DE were greater than SW and BA combined...? Are we sure?

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