Thursday, 4 November 2010

Last 140 points to fill....

My IG are coming on nicely.
I have half the army built now and primed with FoW German Grey...great product by the way...

I have changed the build somewhat....not massively, but I have removed the 2 Medusa's and the second Heavy Weapons place of the HWT I have a 3rd potential bubblewrap Autocannon Inf Squad and have replaced one Medusa with.............

.............drumroll please...........

a Manticore...

these changes leave me with 140 to spend (170 if I lose the Officer of the Fleet)

Currently we are looking at:

CCS x6 w. 3x Meltagun,1xflamer, Master of Fleet, Chimera - ML, HF
PCS x5 w.4xFlamers, Chimera - ML,HF
Inf Squad x10 Autocannon, (Bubblewrap)
Inf Squad x10 Autocannon (Bubblewrap; can hijack Vets Chimera if Vets are in Air Cav mode)
Inf Squad x10 Autocannon (Bubblewrap; can hijack Vets Chimera if Vets are in Air Cav mode)
Heavy Weapons Team - 3 x Autocannon (dakka, dakka, dakka)
Vet Squad x10 -Demo: 3x Meltagun,Melta bombs,Demo Charge,Chimera:ML,HF
Vet Squad x10 -Demo: 3x Meltagun,Melta bombs,Demo Charge,Chimera:ML,HF
Vendetta Gunship 1, 3x TLLC
Vendetta Gunship 2 3x TLLC
Hydra Flak Tank x2 w.2x TL Hydra Autocannon 

This leaves me with some points to play with at 1500, do I go with:

A Leman Russ Demolisher
A 3rd Vendetta
A Special Weapons Team
3rd ChiMeltaVet squad

Each has differing roles with the exception really of the SWT and Vets....but I am not sure what I need yet...

Any thoughts guys?


  1. How about 2 Demolishers and 2 HWTs? You get the awesome big gun while still dishing out a significant amount of firepower at range. Drop one bubblewrap squad and you'd be set.

  2. Your current list is 1460 so you have 40pts to play with. Id say drop the HW team and some Demolitions and take a Demolisher

  3. @Chumby - I'm building to a reasonable budget with this forray into IG...the Manticore has to be in...
    I can do it like this:
    3x 10man Inf Sq w. Autocannon
    1x 3 Autocannon HWT
    2 x ChiMeltaVets
    2 x Vendetta
    2 x Hydra
    1 x Manticore
    1 x LRDEmolisher.

    Lost the Officer of the fleet and can really support my midfield with the LRD.
    Still maintain a ferocious firebase and excellent adaptability...

    Oh, and have 5 pts left...flamer anyone?

    @Killswitch - think you counted it up wrong bro..the list posted above is definately 1360...
    (170+105+(3*60)+75+(4*130)+160+150)...Dide get in the Demolisher though ;)

  4. while you force some hard target priority decisions, you lack redundancy in some areas. i'm not sure there is much you can do about that in 1500 points but lets see.

    i'd get rid of that heavy weapons squad. for 75 points they die far too easily, miss far too easily, and run away far too easily.

    80 points is an annoying amount of points in the guard codex, but i'd also be tempted to remove a bubblewrap squad, giving you 140 points, which is a melta command squad in chimera, a hellhound (awesome choice you havent considered), another vendetta, a PbS in chimera, or a cheaper vet squad in chimera.

  5. Dropping one Inf squad works out nicely for sure...if I choose to 1st turn burn with the Melta Vets in Vendetta's, then the Inf squads can mount up in the Vets chimera's...that works really well.

    I like giving orders for re-rolls on the HWT..puts out more reliable firepower, but also is not possible to ensure due to low leadership on HWT...

    I can drop it I guess, am only reluctant to as I want to minimise spend on this project...

    Of the choices you put forward Andy, which do you feel I am missing most? Template love for frying infantry (Hellhound) or mobile firepower (Vendetta) ...those are the choices that appeal the most....although another meched up Vet squad would go down well....

  6. the benefits of another vendetta are obvious, and more than make up for the loss of the 4 autocannons.

    hellhounds are an interesting choice. vs marines wound on a 2+, forcing lots of saves.
    against any other armies they destroy troops utterly, have a massive threat range, and are incredibly reliable, usually killing on a 2+ regardless of cover. i would say your list has enough AT firepower, so it may we worth proxying a hellhound for a few tests. its one of the things i wish i could fit in my list, and that goes in my 1750 lists in most cases.

    i know Sandwyrm from Back 40k swears by them too, and uses them to block, since they are fast.

    incidentally, i often keep mine in reserve for rapid response, especcially in table quarters missions.

  7. I think I will investigate a Hellhound....just at the Apollo watching Frankie Boyle, interval...think I've fucking wet myself. Funny fucker.

  8. haha nice, you know you are addicted when you check stuff like this in an interval xD

  9. Not to be an ass, and hope I don't sound rude when I say this, but you missed out in your calculation the 2 chimeras for the Vet squads:

    (170+105+(3*60)+75+(2*130)+(2*185)160+150) which makes = 1470pts

    Id definately go with the demolisher though with this list. To do that, drop the HW team and one of your Inf squads.

    Btw are you ready for this weekend. Should be good, lots of players :) I can confirm that I will be using Imperial Guard and my partner has Blood Angels, so should be good seeing you there. Look out for a guy with a fringe hair cut and a black Brighton warlords shirt.


  10. Haha, not at all brother! And thanks for persisting in enlightening me!!
    What a tool!
    You are quite right, I had a quick look back and I have in fact ballsed up quite spectacularly...

    This changes a few things for me but in a good way as it means I can't possibly fit everything in that I want!!
    Cheep like the budgie now!
    I've got some further ideas I'll post up on the blog later.
    Thanks again...

    As for Warlords? It's end of month no? Not next weekend? Or have I royally fucked that up too!?

    I'm off to website right now to have a look!

  11. No your right lol. I royally fucked up this time. Warlords is certainly end of the month, for some reason I mixed up the tourney im going to next weekend with the warlords one lol. Ive got 4 tourneys this month so bit confusing haha.

    Glad I sorted that out bro :D

  12. Phew! Thank fuck for that.
    Really looking forward to it.
    4 this month? Dude, get out more ;)
    Congrats for Starsmash by the way, enjoy your Wolf list....see you have been enjoying those lone Wolf Claw TWC...

  13. What, the lone WC wolves which I first used before stelek mentioned them on his blog? Yes those :D Love em ^^ And cheers dude, could of come top but poor dice rolls and facing a guard army with 3 vendettas and 6 hydras who went first kind of trumped me. Almost pulled off a win/draw but cudnt roll a 5/6 on about 20 dice -.-!


  14. Yeah, those... if you say so bro...;) Yeah, that sounds pretty horrific to have to withstan
    d before mounting a come back...the dice go that way sometimes hey...