Monday, 15 November 2010

Of IG List tweaks, House of Paincakes and um...nought else.

First of all, I want to say a big hello from the UK to any new readers directed or curious to check out my corner fo the blogosphere from House of Paincakes....I have been slow gettin' on board with these guys, despite my interest in all their respective individual I'm on board and 'Original Recipe' and hoping to hit up Reader numbers to 50!! Bring it kids! 

As hinted at very teasingly in this post I have tweaked my 1500 IG list every so slightly.

In the main this has been to include the lovely (if I say so myself) Coloussus/Medusa conversion I did over the weekend.

Oh, and to try out the following:
- Marbo
- Grenade Launcher Veterans

So the new 1500 list is this:

CCS - 3x Melta, Chimera-HFlamer
PCS - 4xFlamer, Chimera
Inf Squad
Inf Squad - Autocannon
Veteran Squad - 3x Meltagun, Chimera
Veteran Squad - 3x Grenade Launcher, Chimera
Hydra Battery - 2x Hydra Flak Tank
Colossus Siege Mortar
Leman Russ Demolisher

 - Vehicles all have Hull Heavy Flamers...even the Hellhound. :( - sad I know, I loved the threat level of the MM on the Helhound (I was primarily inspired to try that by Sandwyrm from theback40k, but points are too tight in this list variation)
- The Inf squads form bubblewrap for the home objectives and for the Hydra's and Colossus
- Said Colossus is to engage entrenched units that simply won't die from torrent...lucky cover saves from Long Fangs make me want to get stuck in here...
- The idea is to combine certain units firepower in a removal exercise...i.e. Hydra's pop open a transport and Marbo (if on the table) or the Colossus removes the unit inside...

- I do not really care for Marbo in a list with no reserves manipulation....but surely you have to give Rambo a go?
- The Colossus I am curious about...I think it has an excellent role to play...but I need to bear in mind I can get a Medusa for 5 points cheaper!!

Let me know what you think guys...Mercer from Imperius Dominatus, Killswitch from Space Wolves Grey and of course atr127 have been helping me out immensely making me think things over....

Any new perspectives out there?


  1. interesting. this is certainly not a traditional list. i worry about the numbers and survivability of your troops, and your lack of redundancy in some sectors, but i cant fault your logic in taking what you have.

  2. I hear you. I had 2 test games last night vs Tzeentch theme, Bolt n Breath demons. Won both, but the first won I lost all except 12-13 dudes.
    Lost 40 men!
    There are 45 troop models, more than my previous lists,over half mechanised, all can be mechanised...but they just crumble to Breath of Chaos...but how many armies have that? oh yeah 2.

    Redundancy, I'd argue is not bad,plenty of AT, but of a really mixed variety...Las, Auto, Melta, Ordnance, Multilaser, Krak grenade launcher...all can do that job and half of those can do Anti Infantry too...

    It certainly needs a bit more thinking about...I would prefer to get in more troops, but am unsure how to do it without sacrificing some element in particular...

    Obvious one might be to lose Marbo and the autocannon and get another squad of Infantry...but they don't add as much to the list as the distraction machine!

  3. i've just realised that my army has actually got the same number of men as yours. oops! the difference, i think, is that mine are all in chimeras and therefore tend to survive longer.

    they are also armed differently. i have a ccs with 3 plasma, 1 flamer, a pcs with 4 flamers, 2 inf squads with autocannons and meltagun, and 2 melta/demo vets.

    for some reason it just seems like you have less :S

  4. Got a couple of test games in on Tuesday with Wolves and with Tau.

    Tau was boring. Poorly designed army, took it apart in literally a turn.
    He had no mobility left, I held 2/4 obj and he would never reach the 3rd whilst he held 1. Was crap. Alpha strike truly crippled him.. boring.

    Wolves - I tabled him on turn 6, never truly felt endangered, but did find out several things;

    - IG should never get in combat with got messy!
    - Colossus is awesome when applied correctly.
    - Melta vet alpha strike definately works...But is a little too expensive to just throw away....especially when only 3 of them have melta weaponry!!

    Could SWS be any better??

    Also that I was paying points for vehicle popping ability (Vendetta) and carrying vehicle popping troops in it!....Need to open then remove contents....SWS with 3xDemo CHarges inside Vendettas? hmmm...more thoughts...

  5. SWS are shite unless you want 3 more cheap flamers. BS3 = fail, as its just too unreliable for a lynchpin squad. as for 3 demo charges, its only a marginally less expensive squad that has no utility (the vets meltas have, well meltaguns, meltabombs and more men) and is very prone to killing itself. also, its a one trick pony and a clever opponent with deploy to counter you.

    in my army, i most often use my melta/demo vets by pairing them up with a demolisher each. they move forward and sit 6-12 inches from my deployment zone on turn 1 and then stay there, with the demolisher. this presents two massive areas of threat (as i have two demolishers and two demo vets)which most armies try and avoid. this means they funnel themselves into fire zone for hydras/vendettas/other large guns. i virtually never alpha strike any more.

  6. Fair enough....I've actually rebuilt the list over the past two days to accomodate what I consider to be more flexibility...I'll post it up later tonight........
    unfortunatly its all vets and no platoon.... ;)

  7. Looking forward to the new list ;)