Sunday, 26 September 2010

New Eldar Hornet, Lynx and Aspect Warrior

I've been poo.
No posts for weeks.
So I thought I'd treat you all to something I don't think you've seen before...
New Eldar skimmers and a brand new Eldar Aspect Warrior - the 'Phantom Spectres' - Long range anti tank jet packers with mini-fire prism's which can combine beam etc like the tank version... cool huh?!


This is the Hornet - a cross between the Vyper and the Falcon. No ideas on capability

This is the Lynx - no transport capacity at all - but fields either the Pulsar or the Sonic Lance, previously only seen on titans...sweet.


  1. that was quick you wasted no time getting this up

    the eldar stuff did look ace so getting a squad or 2

  2. Holy shit, Prism Aspect Warriors.

    Do fucking want.