Sunday, 5 September 2010

Doubles Tournament: Wolves& IG

Umm...great things combined? get it.
One coming up in November that me and Atr127 are planning on hitting…if all goes to plan.

Works like this:
1500 points total, split between 2 players to 750 each.
Slight modifications;
-          Mandatory 1 troop per ‘force’ (750 half army)
-          Then you have to fill each FOC before taking the next.

We could then look to take….Wolves, Angels (competitively from my point of view) and Guard from Andy’s (plus Angels too)

So Mandatory?
1 x CCS – 4x Flamers? Astropath, Chimera (ML, HF)
1x Chimelta Vets (Demolitions, Demo Charge, 3xMelta, Meltabombs and Chimera, ML,HF)
1x Grey Hunters, Melta, Lasplasback

And that covers our mandatory choices…

Wolf Scouts – Melta, Power Sword

So we can now hit up the second round of stuff…
Wolf Scouts
Land Speeder MM/HF

3rd round?
Lone wolf
Thunder wolf
Hydra Flak Tank

OK, so what does that actually leave us with?
Before we even get stuck in, we know we are too light on troops.

CCS – Flamers, Astropath, Chimera 155
Chimelatvets – 3xMelta, Demo Charge, Demolitions, Meltabombs, Chimera 185
Grey Hunter x 6, Meltagun, LasplasBack – 170
Wolf Scouts – Meltagun, Power Sword - 100
Wolf Scouts – Meltagun, Power Sword – 100
Lone Wolf – TDA, CFist, SShield – 85
Thunderwolf – Claw – 70
Thunderwolf – Claw – 70
Land Speeder – MM/HF – 75
Medusa – 135
Medusa – 135
Hydra – 75

That’s 1 HQ, 2 Troops, 3 Elites, 3 Fast, 3 Heavy.

It comes to 1355 points.
SW’s take 670 points leaving 70.
IG take 685 leaving 65.

Hmmm…. And its not really very good. In fact…its fucking horrific! Eugh.

What can I do? Drop the Astropath, buy a second Hydra? OK.
Wolves? Drop the Razorback to a rhino, with the change, buy another Hunter, add a Banner…Drop the power weapons from the scouts and buy a Rune Priest with Chooser, LL and MH…better… so its 1500 bang on and both forces are fully maxed to 750:

CCS Flamers
Rune Priest, Chooser, LL, MH
GH x7, Melta, Banner, Rhino
Wolf Scouts – Melta
Wolf Scouts – Melta
Lone Wolf – TDA, CF,SS
Thunderwolf – Claw – 70
Thunderwolf – Claw – 70
Land Speeder – MM/HF – 75
Medusa – 135
Medusa – 135
Hydra x 2 – 150

Hmmm…still sucks I think. The Wolves are dominating the Fast Attack and Elite slots…need to work on that.

Absolutely no synergy!


Complete restart….

So back to the drawing board…What do I like to do the most when I play?

Crush face? Yes, but how? I’ve been enjoying CC based stuff in recent months, but have always been a shooting kinda guy…ok… Guard don’t really do CC – at all. Yes, yes I know with blobs, commissars, Straken and power weapons you can beat stuff…but it doesn’t count.

So I love to shoot…lets examine that in the next post! Synergy created through a theme…destruction from afar…


  1. Seems you are definately going to the Brighton event... may have to get back down there for the weekend.

  2. HOOOOOO!! BroLo returns!

    The trials of relocation all over brother?

    Yeah, I know man...sods law!