Friday, 3 September 2010

The Crusade has been derailed...

Or at least side tracked.

On the basis that the new Throne Of Skulls was a massive fail, I did not buy tickets immediately.

They have of course sold out now, removing my possibility to go in November.

What a twat error.

On the plus side, it looks like I'm going to try and hit up the X Legion Doubles in November, so I can still get my virgin taste of tournament action...

Silver lining to every cloud hey...

Right, its friday night...go forth - rape, pillage etc etc people. Dont stay in and browse the interwebz all night!


  1. so, wolves and guard super combo?

    wierd trying to think of an army from two lists!

  2. Do we split a FOC chart at 1750 or have one each for 875?

  3. There is also the Brighton Warlords doubles the weekend after the X Legion one...? Might be nearer?

  4. it is indeed nearer. i have no idea what the rules are, in fact i cant find any clear info on the rules for either one of those. annoying really, as if i am going to convert/paint anything i need to know soonish :S

  5. ah, found the rules for Brighton. they use a very slightly modified version of the standard GW 40k doubles rules. its also cheaper and nearer, and is one more game. i am certainly up for going.

  6. Had a look at the Warlords forum, seems like there is space for us...

    £10 pp...Bargain, less travel, sure we can find cheap accomodation or even drive back...although I'm sure a few beers and a travel lodge might be cheaper than the petrol...

    Shall I email the guy and say we fancy a spot?

  7. go for it, i will dredge up the cash from somewhere. back in Cambs next week so we shall have to discuss a list so i can get painting!

  8. Dredge. What a word.

    Brilliant, I'll post some ideas over the next few permitting! (why o why do I not work in a private school with more holiday!...or even a primary school...with no actual work!)

    Painting...yes....{looks shiftily sideways}

  9. just as I leave Brighton you plan to go there!


    Bring your A-game... there are some good players down there! I'll have a bet on who will win ;)