Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Choices, choices? SG or DC?

Hmmm… For a painting and modelling challenge over the next few weeks of summer holiday I would like to get a couple of alternative Blood Angel builds going…

Alongside the 3 Baal Preds I needed to buy when the codex hit to finish my army, I picked up a box of Sanguinary Guard.

As a model – they are truly beautiful. Just like the Angels of Death should be.
As a challenge? An army of NMM painted figures? Game on.
As an army? Well, I have seen Stelek, Kirby, Chumb and a few choice others all consider and play this ‘Bloodwing’ – to steal Chumby’s terminology.

Trouble is…I play at 1500 points. This is a massive challenge to a truly elite army – just ask my Deathwing. You will find them in a old shoebox under all the other ‘fluff favourite’ but reject armies (yes, Necrons I’m looking at you and waiting).

It is very hard to get in all the necessary elements required. Harder still to build in redundancy and efficiency when you tie your own hands…

This is what I think I would run at 1500:

Honour Guard JP's, 3xMelta, 2xSS
Sanguinary Priest JP, LC
Sanguinary Guard 1xPowerfist, 2x Infernus Pistol, Chapter Banner
Sanguinary Guard 1xPowerfist, 2x Infernus Pistol
Sanguinary Guard 1xPowerfist, 2x Infernus Pistol
Sanguinary Guard 1xPowerfist, 2x Infernus Pistol

It’s either this as the summer project or it’s the DC army with Mephie, Astorath and a lot of JP equipped Death Co… that can be roughly found here…it tables stuff and is full of character but….

Your choice readers!!!


  1. Bloodwing is tricky at 1500. Sanguinary Guard are smashy in assault and virtually impervious to all but AP1/2 stuff.

    You're missing 2 important elements in a jumper list: a Librarian (Blood Lance and Shield) and Vanguard (tie down tough stuff so you don't have to.

    You could do this:
    Dante, Libby, 3x SG, tricked out VV
    Not bad, but very short on models and no real meltas.

    If you're going for effectiveness, I don't think Bloodwing has it at 1500. However, taking 1 or 2 units in a normal jumper list is a good way to add in something jumpers don't normally have access to: hammers.

    Something like the usual Libby and 2-3 RAS, Vanguard, Priests and 1-2 units of SG to go smash up problem units.

  2. I posted a 1500 Bloodwing on 3++ the other day...

    I agree with Chumb on the need for a librarian (Shield and Lance of course). But am yet to decide upon Vanguard. I don't think 1 squad of them really works and to fit in 2 squads at 1500 is ridunkulous - I don't care what Kirby says!

    I'm also not sure about the honour guard either... they're there for melta duty AND taking charges AND providing a FNP bubble? That's a lot of duties for a squad that only has 3+/4+ and only 2xSS.

    10 assault marines (in combat-squads of course) with 2 meltas comes in cheaper than the Honour guard and offers 2 melta and the bubble wrap.

    Dropping 2 Sanguinary Guard Squads for another of the above, a libby and a Sang priest should be all good. Of course Dante's squad dropping in last of all to get that FNP bubble just right.

    Still gives you 3 Sanguinary guard squads for that man-nipple-feeling you're obviously after.

  3. The other option is Sang Guard/Devs... check out 3++ for more of that though.

  4. Thanks for input guys. Both recommend the Libbie love. And if I lose the HG/1x SG I can fit them and other elements in...

    BroLo - the Honour Guard need to man up! They can do all 3 roles at once! lol.

    The VV I am convinced by. I do like them and think with DoA they have an actual competitive lease on life.

    I'm not convinced the Bloodwing/Devs can work well at 1500.

    I'm going to try and encorporate these elements...rework it a little.

    Stay tuned for a non-marine/tau related post...