Monday, 28 June 2010

Knee Jerk Reaction

Um. This is garbage.


Random Pairings? I don't care as if I win I'm expecting a harder/equal opponent, what about Dave? You know, Dave- the one who loses alot? He heads from a game where he gets his face smashed another of the same, cause its random not swiss.

Great for Dave. Poor git.

1500 in 2 and a half hours?

The points system. Jesus.

I'm not sure what to say or do here. I feel this is utter pants.

For some real hate on the matter...head here....

And breathe....

Now, count to 10.

Stil pissed off? Yeah, me too.


  1. Well, now I have no reason to get a golden ticket at Nova. Maybe I can sell it :P

  2. lol. You could frame it for the prestige! Kept for posterity for all time....certainly don't use it!


    Maybe we are all wrong and it works... ?