Tuesday, 29 June 2010

Throne of Skulls thoughts and plans....

In light of GW’s new, all-improved Tournament system (Throne Of Skulls) I will be taking a new direction for a little while to see how I get on.

I am not sure how much of a knee jerk reaction this is, but I am aware of just how many Space Marine armies there are out there, when the ToS hits with its backwards new points system I need to have a way of being ahead of the pack.

Now, I am not just talking about winning games, as clearly this is the name of the game; I am talking about ensuring (as far as is possible) that I can run an army that is not hampered by dozens of other players running Blood Angels or Space Wolves or Imperial Guard.

Why hampered? If the top end of the tournament is dominated by the typical armies, how are these guys going to differentiate themselves? The more consistent the results, the averages of these armies will reduce their actual game scores to relatively small figures. They will need to completely outperform the other Blood Angels or SW or IG. With tourney level players this is not likely. Are enough of the entrants going to bring crap armies? Be mugs and play terribly? Slim chances of these things happening.

If I am just another mech BA player, how does my army out perform all the others? Assuming that the system has achieved what it set out to do, normalise all the armies in each codex, how do I win? Make sure I have received at least 3/5 ‘Best Army’ nominations from my opponents?

I am thinking that to maximise chances of winning, not only do I need to win games, I need to win games with an army that will not be well represented and have a shot at a solid average.

Um, I also need to be a very nice boy and play well with others….

More thoughts coming up very soon…. 1500 competitive and not well regarded…can we guess what it is yet…?

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