Monday, 24 May 2010

New Throne of SKulls Info...

"...Perhaps the coolest change to the way we run Throne of Skulls tournaments is that it will be the same rules system regardless of which country you're competing in..."

Straight from Jervis' mouth.

Scoring System.

All the same. Now as this will be my first tournament season for 40k I'm intrigued. I never got the opportunity to play in the UKGT prior to this year and am stoked that its rolling around quickly again...


What will the above snippet actually mean? Are the points values finally going to get standardised across with across the pond? Do we go up in points or they come down?
I actually don't care if we go up in points value - all I care about is a great game and good scoring system.

This brings be to my greatest fear - the scoring system. How will it work? Will it actually work? Will 'composition' rear its ugly head over here in the UK?

I'm excited. And scared! lol. Can't wait to get my hands on a pack.


  1. It's the start of GW bringing standardized tournies. While that means less bullshit like INAT, it could also end up biting us in the ass (1500 points, comp systems, etc).

    I'm tentatively looking forward to it.

  2. Bring on less bullshit.
    INAT clearly doesn't affect me, but I can see the pain!

    I would have thought that by standardising (no z man, I'm English! lol) tournies they have a great opportunity - in the states your standard is 1750 right? And this is a minimum, alot I read about seem to be 2000.

    I'm down for games of that size, the only reason I don't is because the GT over here was set at 1500... Now, if GW change the standard points limit to 1750 everyone is happy.
    I get more toys and don't have to add any time onto my games, you guys can stay as you are more or less...
    GW can get us in the UK to fork out (not me man, as I also collect around 2500 points to allow flexibility) for a couple of hundred points worth of stuff - around £35-£40 per tournament player.
    Now that logic is massively flawed as most gamers roll the same as I, namely with extra unit choices in their armies anyway...

    What really gets me is COMP. I just don't get it and am happy living my life that way! Fucking keep it away from me. I think, on a negative note, that it is more than likely to rear its head in some format allow greater access to GT's, to keep them from being truly competitive and thereby only encouraging competitive players, rather than being open to all hobbyists...I see the rationale even if I don't agree with it...

  3. It varies widely in the US, but locally 1850 is the standard. I prefer bigger games since it lets you field more stuff, but so long as they are standardized I'd be ok with things.

    Comp and INAT are absolute shit. The sooner they go the better. I hope GW can find a way to balance every aspect of the hobby while still maintaining good competition in their tournies.

  4. Fingers crossed then man hey. We'll find out soon enough...

    This is the difficulty for them I guess. Making sure everyone is happy. Not easy, nigh on impossible.