Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Sometimes it just happens??



This sucked. This is one dice roll on my crap phone camera....

Got a couple of games of 40k in last night with my Mech BA. Tried out the AssCan list just for kicks. This is what I get for my troubles. All night long I'm rolling this bad. 1's on everything.... Still won both games comfortably even with this horrendous, freakishly abnormal rolling but that's not the point!

Aghh! I guess I'd rather it happen in a pick up game than in a tournament!

Played first game vs a SM Biker list with command squad and loads of melta, typhoons plus random TH/SS termies deepstriking (WTF right?) , he rushed at me I killed what came at the open, clear lanes of fire with some speedy BA manoeuvring...command squad first, melta bikers next then the random termies. Had to take it to T6 though as a lone attack biker troop was turboboosting back onto his objective (capture and control) ...killed it with Rifleman fire. Easy win.

Second vs hybrid eldar.. well I'm being gracious, it was FootDar....! NOOOOO! well, after I manned up a little a killed his army in 35 minutes, set up to death. Sweet. That'll teach at least ONE footdar moron! Really nice guy though... ;)

Even when the dice abandon you there is some light in the dark future of war...

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