Sunday, 23 May 2010

Ahhh! I've been hit! BoLS attacks!

Ha Ha.
Oh dear...I just posted this army list, based off of an interest in trying out something like this...

I then wanted to catch up on hobby info so hit up BoLS...and got hit by this. Check the first paragraph after the list appears in the post.

Now, I know this is not aimed at me...but I have just been pidgeon holed. lol.

Hmm...just actually read the article. Not an Eldar expert but seems straightforward enough. Nothing genius though. Fairly basic thoughts. Sure it works though.



  1. lol, venting frustration I guess. Guess the Leafblower didn't do so hot?

  2. Maybe! Stelly Stell does incite frustration/something? in those poor BoLS