Sunday, 2 May 2010

First Death Korps of Krieg Test Model

Ok, so thats not an entirely accurate title, I tried out colous on the HB Gunners from my first Valkyrie. ...there is alot of grey paint out there...had to get it right.

But this is the first FW Death Korps dude. I have to apologise firstly - I did not see the mould line on the left arm until after I had washed it, didn't even see it on base coat! Blind.

So this shows up massively, but still looks ok. Clearly this mistake will be rectified in the future.

So the image from Siege of Vraks book in the the top left is what we are going for..and this is how it came out...

I am happy with the grey and the browns. I used the 'recipe' from First Rank, Second Rank with a couple of exceptions.
I used Vallejo French Mirage Blue for the grey and I used GW's Graveyard Earth instead of Calthan Brown for the braces and light browns...when washed I found this looked pretty good.

So thoughts anyone? Clearly I ballsed-up with the mould line miss but apart from that? Does the black eye need a touch of Dark Angels green just to give it some 'glare'/depth whatever? Or should it stay black and soulless?

Today I am spraying the rest of the boys (I ran out of black spray), building a second Valk (modelled as a Vendetta but gunless as I am awaiting the Vendetta FW conversion kit) and will try and spray and basecoat both Valks...

Plus some army list resources as part of the ongoing resource sharing objective...


  1. Very nice mate, I'm so regretting choosing my colour scheme before the washes came out.

    Can't wait to see more.

  2. Looks great! Looking forward to seeing more!

  3. Great looking mini brother!

    Maybe something on the lenses??