Friday, 7 May 2010

Cure Found? No more will A.D.D stall my progress!

So, to fix my 40K army ADD, I'm NOT pursuing another new project.

Thats right, I'll be painting up my existing Death Korps models and pair of Valks and just calling my IG a day.

I promised myself at the start of this blog and BA project that I would be focussing this year (well, from Feb onwards when I began my BA).

Not just flitting from one thing to the next.

This has been stopping me from progressing properly in my 40k-fu. Without being able to specialise I am truly becoming a jack of all armies but master of none.

BA were to be my fix. My saviour. They still will be. The codex has a great variety of armies and I love painting red.

But I still can't stop my mind wandering onto new projects. Problem is my projects take massive energy and massive dollar (well, not actually dollar, clearly pounds sterling as I'm in the UK)

Now the future. SteamPunkVictorianWestHorror. Wait, no its that can't be right. Well, whatever.

My cure for 40k ADD is Malifaux.

At this point I legitamately know bugger all about this game except that I like the models, am very attracted to the theme, love the fact that a 'crew' like a Necromunda gang will only set me back 30-40 pounds...and there are plenty of factions.

Each crew can be played with as few as 4-5 members,each having special rules etc akin to Deathleaper in number for some of them.

This will allow me to focus solely on Mech BA for 40k and totally scratch my itch for new projects on a regular basis for a limited cost....

Now, who the chuff will I play this with?

A dude from the local GW, Steve, I play regularly actually got me into this, along with one of the other lads, AJ. I'm picking up my first crew, fate deck (no dice, all cards?) and the rule book tomorrow.
All for about £50. Complete new gaming experience and I'm not having to jump in at the deep end!
Awesome sauce .

Now...I hope this game is good...

Any of you guys on the interwebz had experience of it?
I've seen a few bits out there on incunabulum's blog found here.


  1. MVB was talking about it a couple months ago (

    It looks like a fun little game for cheap.

  2. Why not just join the Vassal Necromunda Crew?

    If it's any good, let me know, I'm only about an hour and a half away and I could do with some more RL gaming!

  3. Cheers Chumby, I'll check out MVBrandt's stuff...

    Brother Loring - Whilst I can get it, I'd rather get in RL gaming over Vassal. I do however, 100% get that some can't get in real life gaming all the time...

    As for it being any good, I'll let you know dude. Where abouts are you based? Maybe we could get some gaming in half way for each of us at some point in the not too distant future?

  4. Hey dude, I'm in Brighton, so just the other side of the big smoke!

    I'd be up for some mid-way gaming.

    There's a pretty good local store down here that has some 40k tournies every now and again (40k doubles on 23rd May).... if you fancy it??