Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Tuesday Game time...

Two games in tonight.

Only brief thoughts...

1st Vs mechanised Sisters, 2nd Vs Orks.
Both victories in the local league putting me in a solid position for prizes. Think I'm top but have a few games in hand on a couple of really strong contenders...Who i still have to play...should be good...

Vs Sisters: Spearhead, Annihilation (using VP instead of KP).
I ran this, he ran;
Cannoness - PW, Melta-pistol-thing, some faith book thing...(I need to refresh my sisters knowledge)
3 rhino's full of sisters with melta and flamer
2 immo's with melta sisters in
2 Exorcists
Inquisitor w ISTs

Got first turn, killed a bunch of tanks. He'd deployed in a sort of choo-choo train set up. It made it very difficult to kill everything...I tried. I popped the Inquisitor and ISTs (who'd hidden in a ruin) with the Baal-B-Q, took out 2 rhino's and immobilised a Immolator.
His turn 1, he immobilised a pair of AssCan Baals and a Razor. Still had good fire arcs though for both.
Turn 2 I killed all vehicles bar one Exorcist and a Rhino. Several sisters died in the explosions.
His turn 2 lost the Baal-B-Q and a couple of stunned Razors.
Turn 3, Mephiston ate half a squad who had invulnerable saves (fun times), got tied up, last rhino died. Alot of sisters running around on foot at this point.
His T3, Cannoness and another squad charge into Mephiston. He kills a couple more Invulnerable Sisters. They stay.
My T4, a load of sisters died to combined Baal fire and a multicharge from RAS.
Mephie kills more, they stay...I'm bored at this point, 3++ and 2++ is boring. Effective, but boring.

This game finished on 7 as I failed to kill his last and only model...an exorcist that had been kicking it at the back of the board all game.

I still had around 900 points left on the table. Sound victory. Fun game, David is a great opponent, top boy and has a great looking army. All good - even kept Mephiston alive...

Game 2 Vs Orks.
Spearhead, 3 Objectives.
Big Mek KFF.
Nobz in Battlewagon w Deff Rolla
Loads of Boyz in trukkz and looted wagonz

This game was short. Over by 4. The guy, James, had to run so we called it at 4. At this point in the game, I had 2/3 objectives and he had 2 troop squads of 8 and 12 Orkz respectively, a Nob and the Big Mek. Plus the Kommandos who were massively out of position due to unlucky outflank roll - they would not impact the game even if we went to 7.
I had lost my 3 Baals and an Autocannon from the Pred. Oh, and in 4 I lost a Razorback to a Power Klaw, however, everything else was up and running 110%.
Mephiston had eaten Wazdakka in one round of combat, had fought off 24 Boyz and not taken a wound and was about to charge the squad of 8 in my turn 5....
There was no way for James to win at the end of 4...but I wanted maximum points! No way to do it though as James had to go. Fair enough.

Not much to really say on this. My lascannon and HKM fire took out the battlewagon and trukkz on turn 1, lootas died T1 to Baal-B-Q (which I thought was a fair swap...which it indeed turned out to be) this pretty much neutered the army. I focussed on the Warbikerz and Wazdakka the next turn, this reduced the threats to essentially nil...

Didn't learn a massive amount from the two games. The list is reasonably effective. I am learning to play it better and better each week and still enjoying it.

This is one of the key things. It is fun.

Thoughts from the night;
- Do I change the Flamestorm Baal to a regular Baal? I kill something, then I die. This is not a good way to do things.
- Las/Plas is king. Thanks Chumb, TKE etc for convincing me.
- Do I need Mephiston? Big one I know, but alot of the time, I just don't need the CC beastliness. Alot of the time, I just feel I can blast the crap out of the other dude, and this does it for me. But if I do, I lose a massive deterrant, psychological threat, CC Nuclear Missile...the psychological factor is huge too...

Plus, if I did, what do I gain? A second Vindie, a second AC/LC Pred? A Rifleman Dread? The Rifleman I'd like, but doesn't really fit. A second Vindie would be scary...a pair of Typhoon Land Speeders? Or MM/HF speeders?

I need to toy around, but I still think I need him...

Anyone thinking that he is overkill on occasion?


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