Thursday, 29 April 2010

Foot Wolves but no Cav...? Read on McDuff...

Trying to get alot of my resources from simple excel speadsheets up to the web so others can use, abuse, flame whatever. Hope it will help someone, somewhere...

First up, Wolves. On foot. No Cav in this list though. Alot of missiles.
I play at 1500.
So does most of this country.
As a result it is fair to say that discounting Dark Eldar and Imperial Guard, maybe Orks (?...Don't think so) that facing you across the board will not generally be more than 10 tanks.

At 1500, Ten tanks is alot. Bearing in mind as well that a fair number will also only be APC's.

Lets take David's Mech Sisters I played on Tuesday - 2x Exorcists, 2x Immo's, 3 or 4 (I forget) Rhino's. 7 or 8...

My Mech BA roll with 8 fast tanks...

Adam and crew over at Space Wolves Grey ( an awesome hobby website, just using it as an example...) roll with 3 rhinos, a Razorback and a Predator.

Isolated examples, but would many disagree? (umm...if so, holla!)

So whats the point? If I want to reach out and remove the protection and speed of mech in a 1500 point army I need to neutralise this.

3-6 AV11 vehicles, and 2-4 AV13? Cool. Seems typical.

How can I do this if I am playing Foot Wolves? And still have enough Wolves left to take objectives? Kill stuff...

This is something I have played around with for a while and works pretty well. I have not faced it off against something like my Mech BA, but I'd like to...see how it turns out...

Rune Priest Asaf Cloudstruck: Runic Weapon, Melta Bombs, LL, JOTWW

Wolf Guard Juggers: 2xPowerFist, TDA (Blackmane)

Wolf Guard Logan: Wolf Claw, Storm Shield, TDA (Thorgar)

Wolf Guard Nirthur: Wolf Claw, Storm Shield, TDA (Larth)

Wolf Guard Andersson: TDA - PW, SB, Cyclone (Fifnir or solo supporting Jorgunson)

Wolf Guard Tyr: TDA - PW, SB (Gurthor)

Blood Claws Blackmane x14 2xFlamer

Grey Hunters Thorgar x10, Meltagun , Plasmagun

Grey Hunters Larth x10, Meltagun, Plasmagun

Landspeeder Tornado : Typhoon Missile, Heavy Bolter

Landspeeder Tornado : Typhoon Missile, Heavy Bolter

Landspeeder Tornado : Typhoon Missile, Heavy Bolter

Long Fangs Jorgmunson x3, 2 X Missile Launchers

Long Fangs Fifnir x6, 5 X Missile Launchers

Long Fangs Gurthor x6, 5 X Missile Launchers

This list is 1500 on the nose. WG assignments in brackets to the relevant unit.

20 Missiles and a D6 shot, unlimited range autocannon. Firing at 10 potentially different targets in the first turn.

Now, this alpha strike is pretty deadly at 1500. Yes, I know...what about Av14? this points level, destroy the support elements and the rest will crumble.

If you don't get first turn thats cool too, make sure your dudes have cover, even if it has to come from other units rather than terrain.

All that melta the other guy has taken? Doesn't help much does it? Sure you are going to vape a couple of Wolves, ok I have a few more...

Yes, the vehicles are easy to kill, but are also on thier own so can find cover far easier than if together in a squadron...

Psychic defense too.

MC. Check can kill those too.

Assault....definately. SW can receive a charge with the best of them..probably are the best of them...

Try it and see?

Not to your liking? Coolio...More to come...

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