Thursday, 29 April 2010

Wolf Cav....Troops? Pah?

Next up.
My take on Wolf Cavalry. First saw this concept on '3+, no helmet required' (sorry Kirby, not on 3++)
Took it, mixed it up marginally and here we go...

Yes, this army cannot score.

Yes, I know.

But have you seen it. How cool? How smashed in is your army going to be? Have you got an army left?

Go on.
Try it.
In the words of Dr Pepper....What IS the worst that can happen? You may enjoy yourself?

This will crush face 50% of the time and die horribly 50%...well actually I'm just trying to reduce the flaming I get for this..."but no troops!"...whatever...this is my United States of Whatever...

Canis Wolfborn: 2 Wolf Claw, Fangir
Wolf Lord: Frost Axe,TW mount,Saga WB

Fenrisian Wolves x12
Fenrisian Wolves x11

TWC x5, Storm Shield , Melta Bomb, Wolf Claw
TWC x5, Storm Shield, Melta Bomb, Powerfist
TWC x5, Storm Shield, Melta Bomb, Powerfist

Rock on Wolf Brothers...

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