Sunday, 16 February 2014

X Wing Game 1... The rebellion begins

Yes! I'm in love! What a cool game!
The sheer joy of manoeuvring a trio of Tie Fighters in a tight bunch without overlapping each other OR hitting an asteroid!
The perverse pleasure when Luke Skywalker vaporises one of your ties!
The backfield stalk with a Firespray with HLC manned by Krassis.. 

But for me, the first game was very simple. Literally just the starter set. Busted it out, quick assembly and popping out of the cards and away I went...

The Tie scouts line up on one side of an asteroid field, their long range sensors picking up a lone Rebel X Wing ... Time to engage

The Ties zoom forward (a rookie and common Tie move I am to later learn) and the X Wing picks them up, banking toward them
You'll note here that I've managed to fly straight into an asteroid... First times a charm! ... Dildo. 

Slight miscalculation by Mauler Mithel sees his fool ass fly straight into an asteroid! What a fool... Meanwhile, Night Beast shows him how simple pilot academy flying is supposed to work...the X Wing has just missed out on a shot at Beast, but Mithel (illegally! It was my fist attempt) fires from the asteroid and narrowly misses the Wing, scorching laser burns across its arse...

Next round the Ties accurately guess the course of the Wing and spin off to the left, avoiding the Wings course as it round the main asteroid ready to vaporise them... The Beast performs an illegal move as his template overlaps the asteroid, meaning he should not have been able to use an action and barrel roll, but he there... Luke (holy shit it's Luke Skywalker!) acquires a target lock on Beast 

K-Turns all round next as everyone scrambles to get back into the action...I muck about with an extra barrel roll...again, illegally after the K-Turn. Just to compound the illegality of it all, Beast now blasts Luke, stripping a shield despite Range 3 AND Luke's card ability.

The Ties rush in, Luke advances cautiously then opens up on a Tie, causing a critical hit. He's picked up his lost shield due to the green manoeuvre and the Ties only manage to strip both of Luke's shields in their shooting.

Luke spins off, trying to get distance, asteroids and angle on the Ties, who aggressively turn and prepare for another run. Ties open up, but fail to damage Luke at all - the Force is strong in this one. 

Ties push up cautiously, awaiting Luke movement... Luke spins - finally remembered Stress this round :) ... Despite the asteroid, vaporises the nearest Tie Fighter! PZzzapp! first blood ever in X Wing!

A turn or so of cat and mouse with the Tie on the defensive now against Luke-mother-licking -Skywalker ... And it's a clinical finish for Luke who keeps the Tie in sight and the inevitable nuking occurs.

Loved this simple to get stuck into, but I made a huge catalogue of errors throughout...I'll learn though! 
Next up, some fun with a basic Firespray/HLC vs Luke who had every upgrade available ... Hmm...spoiler...similar results actually.. Fuck the Force! Maybe I should be a Rebel terrorist! 

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  1. Haha, we all make those errors to begin with. Luke is very good in tiny games but less so at the standard 100 points. I'll start writing a review of some of the basic pilots and ships next week.