Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Dream of Caledornication

Hey guys, Oliver here with a little update on my prep for Caledonian Uprising next week. Half-term exams are finally done and the cross-hairs are firmly set on Cally!

As I mentioned in my previous post, I went a to a 24-man three-round RTT in Denmark a few weeks ago.  At 1500pts, I brought 4 Riptides… because they’re good…  so yeah…  List was  basically a scale-down of my Cally list:

Riptide, Ion, SMS, EWO x 2
Riptide, HBC, Target Lock, Velocity Tracker
3 Crisis, Missile Pods
Solo Crisis x 3
Commander Batman w. HitnRun, Orangutan Gauntlet, Drone Controller and 2 Marker Drones
10 Kroot

Riptide shootout!
I ended up getting three great games, vs. Serpent Eldar, Screamerstar and Taudar. The first game was quite one-sided. The key against Eldar with the O’vesa star is to try to limit their mobility as quickly as possible by going for the Serpents.  Hereafter  you can Deep Strike your troops in such a way to mitigate the damage that can be done to  them. The second game against Screamers I went first and my opponents deployment
zone had hardly no LOS-blocking – so his Screamers ate pieplates and that was pretty much game..
The last game against Taudar (Shout-out to Qarp/Thomas who reads the blog!) was quite cagy – he went first so I refused flank and deployed in the far corner. What ensued was a shootout that I ended up winning, also giving me the tournament win.
All locked up, like Lindsey Lohan!

Since then I’ve had some more practice vs. Screamerstar, Jetlocks and Taudar, all of which has been very educational. With the O’vesastar you really have to pay attention to when you have to sit back and go for the long-range fight, or when you should be aggressive and push up.

Against Screamers the O’vesastar is great for tying the council up (if you can catch it that is) with HitnRun and Stubborn you can jump in and out of combat all day long, while shooting at other targets with the Target
Lock Riptide.

O'VesaWrap , soon in a fast-food joint near you!

A great tactic I found vs. Jetlocks is the O’vesaWrap (patent pending). This is where you use O’vesa and the boys to bubblewrap some of your key units, only allowing the Jetlocks to charge the O’vesastar, which they will most likely just bounce off (depending on powers etc. of course).
Hobby-progress wise the whole army is painted and ready. I ended up scratch-building a Farsight that I’m quite content with actually… Made some sweet magnetized markers for the Riptides showing which Nova-reactor ability they’re using  - something which makes life SO much easier when you’re running 4 Riptides… Batman got the same type of markers for his PENchip.

All in all, I’m really excited for Cally. List has been sent in correctly (even though I’m maybe not entirely content with it atm) and hotel’s been booked. Really looking forward to meeting the 40kuk hosts, been listening to those guys since Day 1 pretty much.

As regards to the new Nid codex, I am, like everyone else, really disappointed about it – let’s hope they do better with IG/Orks.

That’s me for now! Drop by later for a more thorough run-down of my list, and my first round matchup. As a little teaser, I can tell you that it smells quite rotten... literally.....


  1. Congrats on the tournie win buddy. Four 'Tides at 1500... Bad boy!
    Great practice for Caledonian..
    Last minute prep tonight , work out the last kinks?

  2. It is very interresting to see who wins and how the top builds fare against each other. I think the meta at the moment is quite good with 5-6 nearly equal strong top (template) builds.

    Good luck at the tournament.