Monday, 13 January 2014

Caledonian 2014 - one week! Hype begins

91 khymerae
89 grav weapons
57 screamers
49 riptides including o'vesa.
46 broadsides
38 wave serpents
30 skyrays
21 wraithknights
15 heldrakes
14 farsights
13 coteazs
10 stormravens
7 fateweavers
5 eldrads
5 dooms

A rough calculation of some of the power units :P.

Yo,yo,yo! Check it out...116 players, 5 games over the 2 days and the lists are out ! 
Thank you to James Ramsey for the quick analysis..

Over this week we'll be chucking up our lists and discussing our first round match ups...these are announced Tuesday at 12... Very exciting....

Iam getting very up for this!

Plus.... Nandos extra hot wings for dinner two nights in a row! 

Ahh, look at this shit... 89 grav weapons... 21 Wraithknights... 57 Screamers.. Power gaming bastards...

Seriously, you'd never see me taking this kind of stuff, what's the point? To be like all the other wankers? 
Just play the game to enjoy it. 


Hold up.....

Oh yeah, I'm playing O'Vesa. 

Oh yeah, I like it hard ;)

Cheeky preview of the club logo we've had done for us by the awesome Goatboy... Just how quickly can tee shirts be knocked up? Caledonian quick? 


  1. Done this last year, counted up mainly the flyers as they restricted interceptors
    52 night/doom scythes,
    9 storm ravens,
    19 vendettas,
    just 2 helldrakes!
    4 storm talons,
    5 warp hunters,
    2 phoenix bombers
    8 dakka jet
    45 annihlation barges
    217 wraiths
    40 drop pod.

  2. Awesome logo, goatboy ftw! Should have a progress post up tomorrow once exams are out of the way... Maybe I'll include an analysis of the 1st round match if it's interesting. :)

    1. Good man Ollie!, me and Ven are doing the same, should be a good one this year ;)

    2. Want to throw yours up first Marky?
      I'll chuck mine up Weds with my first round match up.
      Olliswe .. Get your stuff up after exams son, we wanna see where you are at!

  3. Looking forward to seeing you there with my five Wave Serpents. I've decided to ditch the fun boy fluff and go for summat that might actually win a game of two this year!

    Graham (Claws & Fists blog)

    1. I saw your name next to the army and thought...nah, must be a mistake! Haha

  4. No filthy Wraithknights though, unlike my club-mate Gripper! I'll be happy with a couple of wins, plenty of beers and a good weekend (well, what I'd REALLY have been happy with is a competitive Tyranid codex, but that appears not to have happened...).