Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Off to the ETC!

I've been a busy boy - my wife and I are moving house and letting out our current property....the start of my property empire mwuhahaha! 

On top of this... It's only the friggin' European Team Championships this week! 

I'm part of Team England and we've been busy practicing and getting our armies ready over the last few months.

I've not posted much about it as I'm being wary of SPIES! But soon as the event is only on Friday, I think we can post a bit. 

So I'm the Tyranid player on our team for those that don't know (mainly because I've kept it under the radar and not blogged about it) 

Nids are tough in 6th - they have some strong builds but they are also weak to the newer codices. 
At the ETC, almost every country is running Nids in the following format: 

2x Flyrants with Dual Brainleech Devourers, OA 
Doom in a Pod
3x Tervigons
3x 10 Termagants 

This is then fleshed out with a few units of choice, the most prominent being:
2x Harpy with the two large blast goodness. OR 
Hive Guard 

Some back it up with Mawlocs... A lovely nod to countering Tau bunched up behind a defence line for Ethereal goodness... 

My list doesn't follow the same pattern. I like to think that the list I am running has evolved out of something strong and now fulfils a specific role at the ETC. Whether or not this would at a regular tournament, especially with updated Eldar (old Eldar at ETC due to release date and list submission)... I don't know. I think it would work for a lot of match ups, but the increased mechanisation of armies that  Eldar are single handedly bringing back would put a stop to it... It has bugger all anti armour at range. 

Anyway.. Between finishing the move today and sorting all the usual last minute foreign trip crap, combined with tournament prep...ive not gotten around to finishing this post.. Suffice to say my alarm is set and I'm off for an early morning train to London for a flight! 

Wish me luck peeps - for England and King George! Er... The Queen even lol 


  1. All the ETC lists have been online for weeks.. I saw your list and was totally confused haha. Gargoyles and Psykers are good tho.

    I'd wish you luck, but I'm American.


  2. I suppose it isn't standard haha. I thought the lists were currently only available if you were/are part of a national team....
    I like a bit of patriotism....bloody colonials ;)

    Thanks for the comment Hippo.... I'll try and blog at the end of each day ... Even if its a basic update.

  3. Good luck to you and the chaps!