Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Back from the ETC!

Hey guys, Ven here just reporting on Team England's performance at the ETC this year.
It was a cracking event in Serbia and there was a lot of expectation going into the event - England won the 40k last year and we wanted to retain the trophy! 

Short version - we didn't. We finished 6th this year with the top teams being:
1) Germany 
2) Spain
3) Poland 
4) Finland
5) Ireland 
6) England

Off the top of my head I can't remember the rest - mainly because I was just concerned with where we were going to come and who beat us! 

So looking at it, the biggest surprises were Ireland and Finland. Having smashed it at the Home Nations, England felt that we were a shoe in for the top honours amongst the UK/GB nations. Alas, it was not to be! Fair play to Ireland and a nicer bunch of lads you'd struggle to find..unless of course you were hanging out with the Scots, Welsh, USA, Iceland, Greeks, Spanish...shit, whoever! (EDIT: I mean everyone was awesome here btw lol!) 

That's one thing I took from the event, there was an amazing camaraderie at the ETC and I really loved it.. As my first year, I probably didn't engage with everyone as much as I normally would, instead preferring to keep myself to myself and not be too OTT - Killswitch/Alex H was extrovert enough for all of us.. 

The rounds were tough and the play excellent from all the nations that we played. Everyone I played was a good sport, with one slight exception at the end of the game when it turned quite sour...but I will either cover that another day or just retain MY dignity ;) 

The team was excellent to hang out with and game with and I really appreciate the tips and guidance they provided for an ETC Noob! 

My personal performance? Distinctly average! I won 2, drew 2 and lost 2! There were 120 points available over the three days (yup 30 hours of warhammer in 3 days) and I got 60/120

Nathan said that 60+ was good but I personally would have preferred far more. 

List had a huge amount to do with this as did my play. My play was pretty tight in 4/6 games, the losses were down to superb opponent play (Spain and Finland, 2nd and 4th respectively) but also to critical errors on my part. The list was strong, but with the benefit of hindsight I would have changed just a few things - Ill discuss these at length in future posts though. 

The ETC was an amazing event and I certainly have far more of an appreciation for the competitiveness and challenge involved in winning and performing to a high standard at the event. I will most certainly apply and hope to retain my position in the team next year, whether or not I'll play Tyranids will depend on whether I can stomach seeing a Gargoyle ever again and whether the play is suitable for the ETC in the new book rumoured for Jan! 

For right now, my Tau need to hit the table and I desperately need a small model count army to give me a break from massed infantry - triple Riptides anyone? 

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