Sunday, 16 June 2013

The Voice...paints! Birth of Wandering Studios.

Hi there guys.

So in an effort for me to be a work at home dad I thought id get this idea up and running that I've had for some time. My own painting company!

Please check out my face book page at:

These initial models will be going up on ebay monday night as they now have served their purpose to show dem skillz :P

I'd really appreciate if you could like/share and spread the word. Or hell, even get a quote for yourself.

If you say you got the idea from here at Sons ill even throw in a free character model in any Army Commission for the first 5 customers.

Anyway, thanks for looking



  1. Very nice Gary and amazing work on getting the home studio up and running - I know you've put in a lot of work to get it sorted.

    I'll tweak the blog layout in the next day or so to include a Wandering Studios icon and link straight to you on facebook.

    The Demons look very cool man.. love the pink on the Plaguebearers - I've just bought a Demon army myself and may have to ape that style... :)

    I'll text re a quote ;)

  2. Looking very good, best of luck to you sir!

  3. Stuffs up on ebay. under my account for now 9006gary while i sort a new account for the company :)

  4. eh, being a work at home dad would be my wish too, so break a leg!