Tuesday, 12 March 2013

The Voice selling stuff again. Wolfs

Ok, so baby comes first. 

Im looking to sell my Space Wolfs as an unfinished project that i just wont be able to complete due to work and now looking after a very premature baby that needs all my time and effort.

If i do say so myself what is painted is very very good and id really like it so go to a good home, but money first really. Baby lils needs to be treated.


Logan - painted
Thunder lord with claw and pet wolf - unpainted
Rune Priest - painted

10 Combi plasma wolf guard unit with 2 cyclone armed terminators - painted 
8 Combi wolf guard unit (preped to put in combi weapon of choice) - part painted

drop pod - unpainted
forge world mark 1 rhino - part painted

x2 lone wolf with chain fist and shield - painted

x2 10 man grey hunters with 2 plasma and 2 melta. melta are the forge world heresy ones. 2 wolf totems, one of which is the fine cast one.

2 x6 missile launcher long fangs - one squad painted.

all bar a few marines have at least been sprayed with the army painted space wolf blue colour. 

there is alot of forge world heresy armour marks dotted around in the squads too as well as some mark 1 missile launchers and heresy marked forge world bolters too. So its a very striking and unique looking army.

looking for offers for what ever you feel its worth as i need to spoil the sprogg :)





Oh and since these pictures were taken the snow effect on the bases has been changed to make it much stronger and less wishy washy snow (if that makes sense) it looks more like snow now than spilt washing powder. :)

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