Sunday, 10 March 2013

Big Tyranid Update! Loads of progress!!

I've been working hard for the past two weekends on improving my Nids - previously, they were all kinds of different colours and schemes. So I have been trying to get them into a coherent colour scheme and get them all based the same to provide a theme.. I feel I have been quite successful.. You just have to look at Mondays post of last week to see how well/much progress I've made.. 
 This is the latest batch of 50 Gaunts all based with 2 airbrushed layers - I've gone quite extreme compared to the Ravenwing after some feedback from an anonymous and Bully.. :)
 Really pleased with the way the Winged Hive Tyrant has come out.. this guy is still in the "experiemental" phase of list building as I am also running the Swarmlord, but having the flyrant means I can get support for the Gargoyles past turn 1/2 very easily and get this big dog in the backfield disrupting shit. In playtesting he has been immense (within the constraints/context of the army build I am testing) getting turn 2 charges off on Necron Barges etc that Id normally have to put up with for three turns before Swarmie or one of the Tervigons gets in.. So we'll see, plus looking this pretty without even having any Orange themed contrast colour or basing'd be rude not to!
 The man himself, Swarmie now has a detailed airbrush coat and is ready for further detail.. his base (not shown) is also showing great progress..
 The Tyrant Guard is shaping up nicely and has now got the darker marking in the centre of his carapace to match up with all the smaller bugs.
 Just a slightly more close up shot of the Gaunt batch so you can see the detail a bit more.. there is still work to be done on these guys..
Both wings of the Tyrant shown here to get in the full effect of how god damn cool he is! OK, that is my update for the week, I'll be putting more work in on these whilst I watch the Rugby this afternoon - England to smash the Azzuri... Gargoyles need a bit more work and then all 60 of them are done... the snow basing is done for all 60 of the Gargs flying bases.. another job done! So pleased with how it is all coming together.. now just waiting for my alternative Zoanthrope models to come from the States... come on postal system!!! Later peeps going to help a mate move house.. 


  1. Few things.

    Love the scheme, I know you put in some research to actual bugs and lizards for idea's and that really paid off.

    At first I was sceptical of the purple with the snow base, as I thought it might be "too cold" of a feel, but I actually love how that effect has come off, looking at them you can see this swarm that has adapted for cold weather etc..

    The airbrushing looks much better on this, especially the wings, obviously there is some detail missing but the depth is coming off a bit better here - dark to light is more apparent. I've said this before and I will keep drilling it, a line of wash in the extreme recesses will both be incredibly easy and fast, but also just sure up the model and really make that airbrushing pop - trust me.

    Overall really like them - between these and the crons I think you have two really nice table top quality armies (maybe a bit better than)

    Good job dude, really want to see the detail on the big bugs, spend a bit more time on them!

    1. Thanks mate, it does look quite cold...but I am not too worried about that. I am more pleased with the airbrushing as I go on.. Goes to show experience counts.

      Regarding detail - it's all about time. Two weeks til the GT Final and I'm still waiting on those alternate sculpts, so they'll only go into the tournie looking like the tyrant does now.. Then with all the other models - mainly the big beasties, putting the extra effort in will come, but perhaps not in the next two weeks.. I've got Easter hols coming up in three weeks and the army will receive its final touches and extra details then for sure.

      I've take on board the wash in recesses tip... I should get that done on some of the bigger bugs before the GT..

      Thanks as always for thoughts bud.

  2. Looking good Ven. Just imagine doing all that by hand instead of with an airbrush!

    1. I know man, tell me about it.. There was a reason all my Gaunts looked like a right mish mash before I got hold of an airbrush!! Lol

  3. Like the purple colour! What is it?