Tuesday, 26 March 2013

GT Final: keeping up to date

Hey all.
Real quick one to say hello.. And to say that this weekend just gone was the UK GT Final, the end of the tournament "year" if you like in the UK.. Even though all eyes are ahead for the ETC in Summer.

I'm in Germany this week with work, a residential overseas trip with students studying International Business, so I have to be quick as I am "working" lol...

I won three games
Drew two games
Lost a game
Got really shitty painting scores because I had to borrow models as my alternate sculpt Zoanthropes never arrived!!

(This cost me 5 places up to 8 places AND it cost me Best Tyranid player)

In the end, I finished 21st. With my models (that I ordered WEEKS in advance) I'd have finished at least 17th, maximum 16th (not changing gaming results, just between +5 to +15 for my painting)

Am I happy?
Yeah sure.

Quality of gaming was extremely good.
Tough matches.
Friendly matches.

Some bad bits?
As par of my practice for the ETC, I (with Nids), played THREE other Nid armies...and an old school Demon list...none of which I'll face at the ETC due to match up system and updated demon dex...doh!

Feedback and reports, list tweaks when I get back in to the country,,, although I may instantly forget as Tau will be out and I will be on Easter hols!


  1. What list did you play? Who were the top performers? What lists did they play?

  2. Now that would be telling ;)

    I tried out an IG/Grey Knights Combo for the first time, ended up with 4 wins, 2 narrow losses. Not bad since I hadn't used the list before.

    Sorry, how many platest games did you have Ven? You're clearly not getting much out of those practise games bro hahaha ;)

    1. Ahaha...fucker lol. How many we're against other Nids in prep for ETC? My remit was not to do that!

      How many games did you LOSE? More than me bitch?
      How much better is it to have access to allies to plug holes in codices? Lol... Bants.

      @Michael.. I ran Nids. More than that...aha...now that would be telling! Mind you..batrep pics may give some stuff away ;)

  3. Tbh ven ven mirror matches normally happen at the etc. once the first couple of pairs are out the window. Depends on the nid roll where you will be used so a good tactical edge vs other nids could get you a 40 point swing.

  4. Mirror matches are by far the most important things to practice/know/be good at in any game, so if your going to for sure be facing them at ETC then that's huge game for you. It comes down to knowledge of the match up and player ability rather than match up (for E.G X army trumps Y army, A comp trumps B comp etc..). Obv army lists could vary giving edges. I also think knowing your mirror gives you the best insight into your force, so its no bad thing.

    Not a bad record. 3/2/1 isn't terrible - how close were the games? Was it snatching draws from the jaws of defeat, or punting a win (which was my favorite thing to do).

    1. (I also know your aware of this :D)

    2. Re closeness.. The loss ended with us running out of time, but it could've gone either way at any point in time... Very close. I could have protected myself more, I made a couple of errors that could have swung it my way..experienced it now though, so all good.

      The draw vs Ravenwing was basically my fuck up as I had the Relic in my control all game and a Tervigon poised to pick it up from t3 onwards, I just left it with Termagants, got shot off it on the last turn with my Tervigon in base contact with it..then the game ended.. I should have grabbed it a turn earlier. It was mine to win, I gave it away to a draw.
      The other draw I was winning 6-2 on kill points going into his last turn and he managed to get the 4 he needed to draw.. I jus needed to make a few saves to win and I didn't.. So drew.

      Very close and that3/2/1 could easily have been 4/1/1 or 4/2/0 but they didn't. I'll recap properly this week, been really busy and out of country with work, plus family time for Easter...but I'll put stuff up tomorrow..

    3. Well as good as it is to have "perfect" records at tournaments, in reality these are the times where you want to get the mistakes done before ETC for example.

    4. True indeed... Plus...this was the GT Final.. Tough competition every round... No easy games, no slack players. It was very tough. I do firmly believe that if I were running a "top tier" army I'd have had better results, but this is what I am using so...:)

    5. That's even better because they are the ones that will jump on even the smallest of gaps or weaknesses. Not to be unfair, but "lower level" players will sometimes fold to your solid, but not impeccable play (you in the general sense, I.E your level of play).

      The topic of practice is coming up in one of my articles when I get around to publishing them :P (I promise they are written, just need better intro's to make them actually make some sense).

      When I was speaking to killswitch a lot he confirmed one of my suspicions, that in 40K a lot of the practice needs to take place at tournaments themselves, like you say for high level play (the old adage of you only get better by playing against better opponents, now bare in mind that in 40K that could just be someone at a similar skill level, but more versed in their current list/army or just the match up itself).

      I think its an interesting topic over all - the concept of how to improve as a gamer, from shelf to tabletop how to achieve it - and arguably its never been more relevant now with eSports becoming bigger and bigger.