Saturday, 1 December 2012

Off to Blog Wars 4 - Tournament time!

Morning all,
It's kick off. Blog Wars 4 the twice yearly 1850 one dayer is today and 3 Sons lads are heading up to the Eye of the Storm to risk the lives of their toy soldiers in an effort to bring home the gold.

I'm off with my Necrons (as we could see from my last post, the Nids didn't quite get finished), my SC? Obyron. Let's go boys!

The Voice is bringing Spesh Mahreens in a cheeky "anti'meta" counter, plenty of anti infantry firepower and the jack of all trades Sternguard come out to play, Null Zone is on fire at the minute, even the Thunderfire finds a place. It's niche, but it could work.. he is looking for table 1, final game revenge against ME! lol..good luck son!
Special character (compulsory) - Telion & the Tank guy..oh yeah, Chronus forget his name for a sec..

Bringer of Death (Steve) is rocking his Chaos Demons - not too cheesy, only 5 flying MCs and 3 units of Flamers, 1 unit of Screamers and min troops.
It's a damn good job Steve forgets half of his Demons 6th ed rules.. after having the dust collect on them for over 18 months (while he played GK) in 5th, he's rocking them now again in 6th and whilst I think he is enjoying it.. His special characte? why its the never before seen flying chicken - Fateweaver.
BTW, Steve is not the only one with demons..

These are the armies present today ... as long as they all show up!
Right, well... plenty of Nids, Necrons and well teh newly popular DE/E combos, loads of IG allied in (which doesn't show)...should be tough.
1st place it is then! 4 times in a row?

Big shout out to Dimitris from Badab War in Cambridge blog who is travelling with us today with his gorgeous Epidemius themed Nurgle army of CSM w allied Demons.