Monday, 12 November 2012

Malifaux Tournament, Sunday 25th November at Sons of War Cambridge

Afternoon all,
On Sunday 25th November there is a 3 game, fixed crew 25ss Malifaux tournament taking place at the gaming club that I run alongside Bringer of Death and Tiny Furry Spider (I think that is Tim's name on most forum's lol)..

Link to Wyrd Forum page and all the tournament details HERE.

It is being run by McDoogle/Mark (his handle on the Wyrd Forum), he is just using the club as a venue.

Prize support is excellent, Henchmen Ratty/Alex should be about and has spoken about potential very cool prizes.

There are 30 spots in total, with only 6 currently being signed up. There are about 5/6 local players to the club up for this, but it is open to anyone. So he has about 15-18 spots still available.
Tickets are cheap, covering a discounted facility hiring fee and the rest going to prize support.

The club makes nothing from this and we are just offering our facility and buying power/relationship with the owners.

If you are interested, jump on the Wyrd Forum link above and HERE (for the lazy ones!) and get involved!
Once more back into the Breach dear friends!

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