Monday, 19 November 2012

How to NOT win a 40k tournament in one easy step

A trend has emerged over the last few months. A trend that only has been apparent in 6th ed 40k tournament.
The meta swirls and changes and lists come and go.
So too do players - top, middle or bottom ranks change..

But one thing in 6th remains the same.
Geography doesn't seem to impact this.
Player experience is irrelevant, although it seems to be an affliction in more experienced tournament players.

What is this trend you ask?
Eager now to know aren't you?
A little wet with excitement?
No. OK, perhaps too far there..

The trend is this:
Sons of Sanguinius bloggers are cursed with it..
Sons of Sanguinius bloggers it seems CANNOT count or submit lists accurately in 6th ed 40k at GT Heats.

At Heat 1, Gary P our erstwhile "The Voice" managed to have his solid performance smashed by an inaccuracy with his list, leaving him in a very poor final position that did not reflect his playing ability on that given weekend.

At Heat 2, I myself got fucked after I messed up and dropped from 8th to 2*? (I can't remember I was so pissed at myself) ..whatever the position, it was too low to even qualify for the GT! For a simple error in my spreadsheet working out points in a rush on Friday night at work without the codex..

At Heat 3 this weekend... Alex / "Killswitch" was looking to finish 2nd, but he messed up his list that he submitted - hand written and missing a unit.. leaving him in 17th. He qualified, so it is all good for Killswitch really, but not reflective of his skill or performance on the day.

Is this a moan/rant I hear you think.. No, no.. just a cheeky Aesop's Fable.. learn from the Sons.
"Don't be a fool, double check your tool!"
Pen, Excel, Battlescribe, Army Builder.. whatever you use to build your army, check it against the codex, always build your final lists with the codex in front of you, never let administrative errors lose you a tournament or a placing or qualification.. Let your game play do that! Though preferably not.. :)
There must be something to this.. 3 players, 3 tournaments, 3 GT Heats, ONE blog!


  1. We collectively need to sit in the corner with the dunce's hat on and think about what we are doing with our lives.
    Still.. actual in game performance is good!

  2. Andy are you still up for a game this week? We can also spot check lists :-P

  3. Ouch!

    Also remember to double check that you've actually packed the models in your list! Don't show up without that Land Raider!

    1. Never done this.. That one of your tougher lessons to learn Taurus?

  4. Lucky for you guys that generous organiser of Blog Wars checks your lists and sorts these things beforehand....

    1. Hahaha yes indeed!! Where would i be without u Alex?! X

  5. I back this post 100%. And I wrote BattleScribe.

    No tool is perfect, even your brain...

    Nice post :-)

  6. Do you all use software such as Army Builder/BattleScribe?

    I personally have only ever done pen and paper, and a calculator.

    1. Pen & Paper for me, except at the GT, we were penalised for it not being typed up and printed!!

    2. I print mine up for an event, but when I'm thinking out a list its all pen and scribbles in short hand.

      I just found it curious that I seem to read (on the net) a lot of issues represented in the main post tends to happen to people who use army building software exclusively.

    3. I tend to use BattleScribe a lot as I've got it on my phone and don't always have the codex to hand (in fact rarely do when I'm thinking of lists). I do like to sit down with a codex once I've got the rough idea sketched out though and see if I'm making any mistakes, and do try and double check the numbers when I do that.

  7. Ouch, that's gotta smart. I'll be checking all you cheaters at BlogWars as you are obviously completely untrustworthy ;) (joking, just in case its not clear).

    I feel for you, its such an easy mistake to make, and going to loads of tournaments I'm sure it can happen even more so. I'd better be double checking my list for BW4. I think as MC says, better do a double check with pen and paper.

    1. It does smart!! I'd check me too at BlogWars to be sure! :)

      It is an easy mistake, and a very easy way to lose points and position, one that doesn't reflect player ability..but one that does reflect organisational skill! (or a clear lack of it!) - for me, a valuable lesson to learn and one that I'll not repeat!

    2. Talking of blog wars have the SoS crew paid yet?

    3. Yeah, don't's all taken care of!
      28 this time around.. cracking!

  8. You completely bunch of utter spanners ...

    Me and Atreides leave you alone for 5 minutes ...

    1. Haha! Tell me about it! That's why we need you back! lol
      Hope you are well mate..

  9. I'm good brother! How about yourself?

    I've been playing a lot of online games this year since I left 40K. I kind of missed having instant access to highly competitive games. However, I am kind of winding down and actually quite missing painting so I am going to look to see if 6th Ed meta looks healthy and fun in a couple of months (just after xmas) and might look to do a tourney run next year.

    Still have all my sisters, so may well just do a count as or something. I won't play anything under a tier 1 army if I do come back, no point faffing around lol.

    1. What you been playing? GW2 has been a let down for me, got bored of that. Played a Tera private server, also got boring, went back to SWTOR, still nothing new and all the top players who we had some good competition with/from have left.

      Black Ops 2 is the current game, but nothing new tbh.

      6th is interesting, a lot slower to play because of the ammount of infantry armies, and hardly any mech. I think the meta has pretty much sttled in the major tourneys already :) Allies and Forgeworld has spiced things up certainly, and the psychic powers atre much more interesting.

  10. GW2 was too easy and boring and repetitive. It had some good points - easy to get into PVP. I severely disliked very quickly that it didn't have healers. To me it was basically the mixture of battleground pvp mixed with moba style games.

    I quit SWTOR because it was buggy as fuck, but I came back the other day just to play around with some healing.

    Basically there is no point me looking for a competitive online game. I am too old to have time to invest in it. I'd just play LOL, but I'd need to play it like 12hrs a day like all the other pro's. I have neither the time nor the inclination to do it. Basically once again Ive told myself, I've done it before, I dont need to attempt to do it again, I know that 4 or 5 hours a night is not enough. I just picked a game that wasn't new, I kind of liked and wasn't overly popular, meaning all the players left would be shit (99.9999% of SWTOR players were shit in the first place, I'm sorry, but people really don't understand PVP, yet maintain they are amazing). Case and point, I am massively undergeared and yet still dominate most BG's :P.

    I only tinker around though and prob will stop in a few weeks.

    I'll have a closer look at 6th, maybe read some more reports and what not, but all the reports I've read recently have not enticed me one bit, I was kind of hoping it was still in the paper scissors stone stage of early meta, I suppose it has been out a pretty decent amount of time now.

  11. Oh on the FPS's

    COD is basically pointless on PC now. It has zero support as a competitive game anymore, and is ravaged by cheats. So everyone I know is playing it on xbox, which means you have to play a FPS on a console which is epic fail.

    I do have CS:GO and I like it.

    Like I said above though, this isn't 5 or 10 years ago, games don't have the same appeal to me any more. Just watch twitch for league of legends, loads of the top pro's stream till 4 or 5am, after they have played 4 or 5 competitive matches that night already. That sort of shits not for me any more.

    Also, I am enjoying going back and playing classic RPG's - Final Fatansy's atm, but want to go back and do more SNES etc classics as well as some of the more "obscure" games.

    1. Sweet, ive been playing CS:GO and enjoying it as a casual game, not the kind i was playing at league level on source.

      If you want to play some SWTOR or CS:GO, send me your steam info via email and we can chat or something on Vent/TS.

      Ill also give you some list ideas for 6th if ur interested?

    2. Will do mate - I'll pop across my user for steam np's.

      IF you could send me a few lists, a couple of lines on how they play and what to expect from the game/styles would be brilliant.