Thursday, 1 November 2012

Ebay time from the Voice - Getting rid of some Grey Knights and some books.

Having a bit of a end of year clear out. Old projects and stuff on the way out.

Coteaz - basecoated

Solodin - base coated (its the finecast stern with the gammy hand replaced)

10 table top painted paladins
tabletop painted Draigo

15 part assembled purgation/purifiers (4 psycannon built)

30 henchmen (skaven with cut down weapons ready for bolters/pistols)

and a box of unassembled terminators (that i stole a psyannon and hammer to finish the paladins)

Check my other items for some books like epic rulebook, signed kings of war rule book and fantasy army books.

Incidentally - Ill be putting up a pretty big tau army up. Lots of vehicles lots of fire warriors..and for some reason lots of vespid too. Plus all the usual. If any ones interest, make yourself know..Sons readers first refusal :)



  1. in case anyones wondering, the tau is:

    4 hammer heads
    5 devil fish
    100 ish fire warriors
    10 stealth suits
    18 crisis suits
    forgeworld commander
    2 special character suits - farsight and the other one
    pathfinder team
    a stealth rifle team thing
    2 ethereals
    60 plus kroot and kroot hounds
    2 pirahana
    35 ish vespid
    all the drones and stuff too

    looking for £200 - will need some tlc but its alot of stuff :)

  2. What's the state of the paint job mate?

  3. Its all on ebay now :)