Thursday, 1 November 2012

Converting Nid Tyrant to a Winged tweaked 1850 list

My old Hive Tyrant needs a 6th edition update.. WINGS!

I played my first test game with my Nids last night. Wow. Loved it. The Flyrants were soo good! Trygon even survived because all the firepower went into the Tyrants and a lot of firepower went into killing the Harpy - which I love btw.

I played Dimitris from the Badab War in Cambridge blog and his Nurgle themed Chaos army, he ran:

Nurgle Lord on Bike, Fist, Blight, Aura, MoN, Plasma Pistol
Daemon Prince, MoN, Wings
7 Plague Bearers
7 Plague Marines - 2 Plasmagun, Fist
7 Plague Marines - 2 Meltaguns, Fist
7 Plague Marines - 2 Meltaguns, Rhino
5 MoN Bikes, 2 Meltaguns
7 Havoks - 4 ML, Flakk upgrades

7 Havoks - 4 ML, Flakk upgrades

Not bad at all.. All Nurgle, all getting the sweet upgrades from Epidemius and his tally.. we played Purge (KPs) and Vanguard (Diagonals) - turned into a rout in favour of the Nids after Dimitris infiltrated a unit of Plague Marines out onto his far right flank, isolated - with Epidemius & 7 PB's off the board turn one and these guys isolated, I swept across to the left flank, gutting a unit of Havoks to keep my flyers alive. His one, he failed to get his preferred wave down, getting nothing as he had put Epi in the PB unit, so he only had to roll a 3+ to get everything in. He rolled a 2, no Tally Turn 1.. He then moved up to charge the Gargoyle screen with his Bikes and Lord, needed a 7 to charge.. rolled a 6.
This killy unit of T6 Bikers was then Enfeebled twice to T4 and gutted by firepower from the Nids, more Havoks died when the Doom arrived and from here on in, it was a case of minimising losses to avoid the Tally getting over 20.. The Prince went down to mass firepower after failing a very long charge..I couldn't do this though and the rest of the game and small handful of Plague Marines ripped up Hive Tyrants and Termagants alike in combat.. silly. It ended 10 - 5 on KPs when Dimitris called it.
If he had of kept his force together and concentrated fire he would have been better off. The Bikers should have hung back and launched a counter assault turn 2 or 3, his whole army moving back and right together to avoid the nids charge and just thinning the bodies on ground so that the Tally swept up higher, faster.. I think D should drop the Prince and just grab more Plague Marines.. more plasma too.. Still, it's gonna be a solid unit for Blog Wars 4 tournament..

Back to me.. The Balrog Wings arrived today in the post and so I can just tag them onto the back of the Hive Tyrant... I think the simplest way to do this is to remove his back spines and just green stuff the big fuckers on.


I just need one more box of Gargoyles as I only acutally own 10 of the little beauts and am awaiting a Flying Tyrant from The Voice to complete the collection.. Sweet.. so.. next project? lol

I've tweaked my list for future games based on just how good I feel the Harpy performed:

Tyrant -wings, Devs, OA
Tyrant - wings, Devs
Doom - Pod
2 x 2 Hive Guard
10x Terms
10x Terms
2 x Tervigon - TS,AG, 2 Powers, Cluster Spines
Harpy - TL Stranglethorn Cannon, Cluster Spines, Spore Bombs
Harpy - TL Stranglethorn Cannon, Cluster Spines, Spore Bombs
20 x Gargoyles - AG, TS

Swarm of big and little flying bugs.. Love it.


  1. Well played, I did many mistakes. It's a total different playstyle against Nids, even chaos has to play chicken against them.
    It will be a nice flying army,
    you should name it "omg they got wings"

  2. There's a reason I run 2 harpys :D they are boss! Nice one, looking forward to seeing it all painted up.