Friday, 9 November 2012

Blog Wars 4 1850 Tournament 1st Decemeber - TICKETS AVAILABLE

Hey guys,

Thought I'd throw out a quick community post in support of Blog Wars 4 - an 1850, 3 game tournament being held at the Eye of the Storm/Maelstrom on 1st December - just 3 weeks away!
This is the second Blog Wars tournament this year, the last being in July and being immense fun!

There is always a small but good crowd of guys, with quite a lot having been to all the previous Blog Wars.

It originally started as a great way to meet the other UK bloggers and is the baby of Alex from "From the Fang" - who has really stepped up and ran this great event for a couple of years now.

It still is that same event, fun - spirited, community based and well organised.

For those that are unaware, the event has just one stipulation - that your army contains a Special Character from your main FOC (allied ones don't count but can still come out to play).

There are 23 confirmed attendees this time round, with space for more.
Fantastic prize support as ever and there are a wide range of players, from tournament regulars like The Voice, Bringer of Death Steve and myself (not exclusively...Franco Marrufo is hitting is up for the first time I believe from the sign up sheet..sir, your reputation precedes you :) plus not forgetting Matty Greenwood, the erstwhile doubles companion of Alex and tournament regular himself.. think he is still out for revenge from Jolly Toys in January!) as well as some gorgously painted and themed forces.. we've had the Rebel Alliance, evil Empire armies, great looking Nids from Sixth Degree over at WeeMen blogs, the Relictors from those boys are pretty damn nice too! ..

So overall, if you run a blog in the UK, or simply want to come and play some games of 40k for the day, enjoy a great venue and good company.. get signed up over at From the Fang.

Tickets are £15 and are AVAILABLE NOW! 
What are you waiting for? Seize the day bitches
P.S - Should probably mention that I have won it the last 3 times in a row.. step right up and take on the big dog!! Can YOU stop me??

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