Friday, 19 October 2012

Tweaked 'crons..Same as every one else?

All the other Necron lists at the Southern GT Qualifier used Wraiths. I played Necrons no less than 4 times that weekend (Eldar, SW/IG being the other 2 games) and lost out in 2 of those games.
One of the games I lost had 2 large Wraith units and a Destroyer Lord and the other had 2 max Wraiths and a CTan.
In a Necron Vs. Necron environment, killing the Crons in combat is not hard. That said, gunning the CC elements down is not too bad either!
So I am torn, once again with a direction for my Crons. I think 4 wins out of 6 is solid testament to the effectiveness of my army, but I can't help thinking I could have done better!

So a few ideas:

Wraith Air:

Dlord - Scythe, Semp, Shackles - 160
3 x 5 Wraiths = 175*3 = 525
5 x 5 Warriors in Scythes = 165*5 = 825
5 Warriors - 65
3 Annihilation barges = 90*3 =270
Total 1845

...hold the phone.. how about..

Dlord - Scythe, Semp, Shackles - 160
3 x 5 Wraiths = 175*3 = 525
3 x 5 Warriors in Scythes = 165*3 = 495
3 Annihilation barges = 90*3 =270
2 x 10 Immortals (Gauss) in Scythes = 270*2 = 540..

So that's um basically a 2k list then..But I don't like the idea of the Immortals getting stuck after their plane explodes and having to walk on the board. Veil is better in many ways..

 Drop to 2x6 Wraiths.. looks like:

Dlord - Scythe, Semp, Shackles - 160
2 x 6 Wraiths = 210*2 = 420
3 x 5 Warriors in Scythes = 165*3 = 495
3 Annihilation barges = 90*3 =270
2 x 10 Immortals (Gauss) in Scythes = 270*2 = 540..

1885...35 points over! Drop one Wraith brings us in the 1850 mark, but does it have teeth? I'm maintaining the core of my shooting from the successful army I run.. but I am losing the Haywire and Command Barges out to Wraiths and DLord..

I'm losing out on my Veils with their AP2 flamers and mega mobility..although I am in theory keeping the boys mobile by throwing them in planes..
I'm also losing out on the haywire craziness.. I KNOW I will miss that. I still need some heavy hitters and want to shoot more!

Mobility maintained and even improved in many ways in this list. Clearly I have lost out on shooting compared to my own list. But can I get more shooting into my army? I am not sure I'd want to.. but here we go...

Lord - Barge, Warscythe = 180
Lord - Barge, Warscythe = 180
Courts -Veil, Shroud = 70
Court - Veil = 60
4 x 5 Warriors in Night Scythes  = 165*4 = 660
3 x Annihaltion Barge = 90*3 = 270
2 x 5 Deathmarks = 95*2 = 190
8 x Scarabs = 120
8 x Scarabs = 120

Still have the Barges for lols and mischief.. Fliers for air superiority, dakka barges for well..dakka...and replacing Courts and Immortals with Scarabs and Deathmarks..

The Deathmarks would get Veiled around blasting their targets to death, whilst the AP2 flamer now wounds on a 2+ versus a marked unit. Pretty tasty.. can destroy 2 different units in this fashion..

Never actually used the Deathmarks though.. whilst I like the idea, they simply aren't effective enough for me.. Plus, what happens when you've killed your marked unit.. cause it only happens when they are first deployed right? Do you Deep Strike mishap on purpose to get them sent into Reserve and come in again with a new unit...? cheeky fuck tactic 101..

Scarabs got a boost from Fearless, but lost their long range survivial from cover.. gained from 12", gained scoring in 1/6 missions.. In this list, they boost my scoring potential in Scouring, but mainly they compensate for my loss of Haywire and insta-kills on vehicles..

Tbh, I know this last list is not a really strong list from the word go!
I'd like it more if I still maintained my mobile Immortals..

A core like this:
2 x 10 Immortals in Scythes = 2*270 = 540
2 x 5 Deathmarks w. Veils = 2*155 = 310

that would require 2 Courts though.. so add
2 x Overlord, Warscythe, Barge = 2*180 = 360

My suuport shooting as always
3 x Annihilation Barges = 90*3 = 270

Need more scoring..may as well keep to the air!
2 x 5 Warriors in Scythes = 2*165 = 330

Leaves 40 points.. Mindshackles on the Lords, Shroud on one Veil dude. DONE.. Meh.. Don't feel that good about it! The simple truth is the Deathmarks are nothing more than a gimmick unit.. If all you are trying to do is teleport the guys around and blast stuff with an AP2 flamer, then we may as well run warriors! Saving 60 across 2 units.

Obyron lists? They are next time.. more playing with ideas and games and this post is simply getting too long!
What about:
2 Overlords - Barge, Scythes, MSS = 195*2
2 x Veil dudes - 120
2 x 10 Immortals - Gauss = 170*2
2 x 6 Wraiths = 210*2
2 x 5 Warriors in Scythes = 165*2
3 x Annihilation Barges = 90*3
Nice.. 1870 though.. tweaked..

2 Overlords - Barge, Scythes = 180*2
1 x Veil dudes - 60
EDIT: 3 x Haywires - 75
1 x 10 Immortals - Gauss = 170
2 x 6 Wraiths = 210*2
3 x 5 Warriors in Scythes = 165*3
3 x Annihilation Barges = 90*3
Total 1850

EDIT: Can add 3 Crytpeks to the Court with Haywires for 75, putting me at 1850 exactly..
But screw it if this isn't almost identical to Rob Buckley's/James Taylor's list from last weekend.. Destroyer Lord being pretty much the only difference! eugh. It is a decent list, but there are soOoo many lists with Crons.. you end up with repitition, especially with certain units being such clear winners in the book.

So many ideas! Not even considered the combo of Zahndrekh/Obyron and more toys..

Zahn/Oby/Destroyer Lord/Immortals = hilarity! Get a chonometron crytpek in there too to make a few cool saves here and there... Expensive ridiculousness!
That combo is what? 680-690 points!
Add 3 Barges (Annihilation) - 270
Add some Wraiths - 2 x 5 = 350
Then throw in a few Warriors in scythes.. 165 each.. 3 of them.. then that is that.. 1850! lol-gasm.
That stupidity may get a run out in a friendly game next week.. Shit, no it won't I'm in Paris next week! Pimp.


  1. First off, love this site. You guys realy but some great thoughts into lists.

    Whats your thoughts on gausse vs tesla on arnold barges?

    Gause seems like a great treath if you loose the main gun or get immobalized, but tesla seems more efficient on the move.

  2. "Arnold Barges" - you've lost me on the terminology there mate! lol
    If you mean Command Barges...well I change up every game pretty much! Depends what I think is going to be more useful across the whole army! Generally, I love to gun down a marine on the way in so I go Gauss more than anything else..

    if you mean on the Annihilation Barges, then I run double Tesla.. Yeah sure you have another target priority if you lose the top gun and want to hit out at marines, but I say just pepper the bastards with shots all game.. dual Tesla rocks on Anni Barges.

    1. Anni - Arni - Arnold XD Annihilation barges is what i ment.

      Why do you prefere veil over night scythes? I just find it super risky to deep strike w/o rerolls or other help.
      (I usually run 5 night scythes and 2 arnold barges, and find that flying 24" and disembarking thouse flamers in face is top awesome. I run dual court, so 2*5 deathmarks with 2 flamers each, and 2 times 5 warriors with 2 haywires each).

      I like your point about that the flamers and haywires are gimmik units, but can you live w/o them? I cant see how 10-12 wraiths would survieve such a shooty meta. I need that dakka. =(

      Keep up the great work. =)