Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Frustration? You don't know shit.

Yes. 1m times more frustrating than this.
So this weekends tournament?
3 BIG wins on day 1.
Then BOOM!
Clobbered by a 30 tournament point fine for having my list 15 points over! (10 TP docked per game played when they figure it out)
In my retard rush to type and print army lists for myself, Kabalite and Bringer of Death on Friday afternoon after work, without codices.. I messed up and failed to do any quality assurance/checks on my work.

So fucking foolish. Listed 5 x Warriors in Scythes as 160.
165 obviously and have been since I started using them when the models came out. Plenty of time to know this chuffing value off by wrote.

Thought I had 15 points spare, threw on an extra mindshackle scarabs on my second lord, briefly wondered why I'd never done that before..then cracked on and wrote Justin and Steve's army lists.

So there we go. 15 points over. Yeah, 3 Warriors in Scythes at 165 (the correct cost dumbass) will do that.

My performance? Day one admirable, day two I was so fucked off that I had basically RUINED my tournament year that I just didn't play well.
Looking back so many misguided errors.
Ah well.

4 wins, 2 losses, 5th highest VPs..
-30 Tournament points and what do you have?

A very frustrated and unqualified 40k player.
Missed by one spot..bottom half of the pissing tournament. Don't now get to play in the biggest UK tournament of the year - failed miserably to qualify for the Uk GT 2013.

Did I fail through playing ability? Nope.

Could I have achieved the same result with the same list?Yes
Did it make a difference? Nope. Just play 1 Immortal less for 19 not 20 and boom, fixed, still get both MSS sets.. Immortals still do almost exactly the same.. to be honest, I could have played without more.. but that's for the future.

If I had've got my list right like I ALWAYS do...8th ahead of the Reddy's.

I cannot fucking believe it.
I. hate. 40k.

Currently 8th on Rankings HQ, great tournament year, won tournaments this year, top 3 placings...
Then this.


Nevermind, that's the way the cookie crumbles.
There is always next year.

I am now going to go and cry like a bitch in a corner somewhere.
EDIT: Can I quickly point out that I actually have no issue whatsoever with the decision or anything else.. this is a self-hate rant, I'd cut myself or something if I was a loser, but basically being the hero I am, this is the extent of my frustration..normal Ven will resume now.


  1. Ah! So that's why you kept winning Blog Wars... Had that happened to me I'd have been so damn pissed with myself. I don't know how you carried on at all.

    1. Haha! Yeah, that's the reason Andy! lol..

      Man, I genuinely cannot express how pissed I was all morning and afternoon.. I didn't even stay for results. Mainly because it had run late, but I had no desire to.

      Playing on Tables 1&2 for all of Day 2 and KNOWING that whatever you did it didn't really make a difference.. I then proceeded to lose Game 4 and went to Table 2 and won, then lost again.. 4w/2l .. but I could barely think past a blind self directed rage in my head!

      Ah well.

    2. At Blog Wars muggins here checks all 20+ lists to prevent this kind of thing. We did the same at the doubles and luckily no one spotted until the end.

    3. Yeah most tournies do this.. this is the first I've been to that didn't...doesn't matter though.. it was still my error! d'oh!

  2. lol, oh dear. Happens to the best of us.

    1. Eugh. Yeah, guess so. "Oh dear" doesn't begin to sum up my anger! What a dick!
      I can't believe I did it!
      I ruined a YEAR of hard work in five minutes on Friday..

      Good job it's just toy soldiers hey?! lol

    2. While I've only done one tournament, I personally checked all lists before hand. Acts as a safety net and ensures no cheating. I know you wasn't cheating btw, but it also helps catching out genuine mistakes.

  3. Hhahahahahahahahahaha RAGEEE...I love it :D

    It's alright, welcome to my world of Drama!

    Come to Warp Quake, I'll smash you there to make up for it...haha!

  4. I would, but no more tickets are being sold.. in my desperation, I just looked at what tournies were coming up for the rest of the year..

    WarpQuake appears to be the last chance saloon to do well and keep a spot for Masters.. but no.. no tickets from today onwards!
    Cannot believe it.

    1. Put out the call, there might be someone who can't make it and you could get their ticket.

      Gutted for you. So keen for the Masters and to lose it all on that, I'd have been flipping tables so I admire your restraint.

    2. Yeah, I'm a pretty good sport... I did try and beg Allen..
      Even offered to play all my games Sunday minus an entire Overlord + Barge.. but it was a no go lol!

    3. I have asked Luke (the organiser) to sort you out, should be cool :)

    4. AH! NICE! Thanks dude.. let's see what happens then! I've posted on the Warhams Forum.

      Just have to convince the wife and find a way to get up there and stay short notice lol!

      Getting past the wife being the biggest thing, then transport! She needs car this weekend...

      TBH, I may not even be able to do it.. I'll work it out tonight.

    5. It's cool that is what I am here for :D If you can get to the M25 somewheer, me and Pete could pick you up, just chip in some petrol moneys.

      As for accomadation, I will ask Petes mate who we are staying at to see if its cool with him for another slag to tuck in :)

    6. K, cool.. I'll try and sort transport my end. Cheers dude xx

    7. No go.. no tickets are being sold now..

  5. You have my sympathy. I, as many now, did a very similar thing at heat one. Table 1 last game (lost) and a nice 5th place to take to me the finals. All was well.

    Till it turned out id got the manticore points wrong with not codex to hand while writing. 60points docked - 10 per games - and i came 5th from bottom rather than 5th.

    Its only toy soldiers. But you cannot fathom the frustration :/

  6. If it help you smashed me in game 1.

    And the scarabs did nothing in that game. Mostly cos you Tesla Arced your own guy to death....

    1. Haha! yes, that's true! That was a funny moment..good game.. liked seeing so many Wraith-types on the board at once! Good for you dude.
      See you even managed to finish behind our budder Bringer of Death/Steve despite him lying in bed puking all of Sunday? good work C!

      Hope to catch another game at Brighton in the future mate.

    2. Yep, my army was so awesome I came behind people who missed half their games.

      I'll be back....but i'm bringing my chaos with me next time. No more Eldaryness til we get a new codex

  7. *sorry crappy spelling* :(

    1. Ha, no worries dude.. yeah, I totally "pulled a Gary P"..lol.. at least mine wasn't on Game 6! :(

      It is only toy soldiers, but you know, as does everyone reading this, how into it we all get in the heat of a tournament or tournament season..

  8. Hard luck dude, the extra 15 points wouldn't have changed the result against me. That was down to the MASSIVE fortress stopping me shooting you more than 12" away from the gun line :P and my inexperience with playing IG.

    Still, a good night was had on the Saturday to down our sorrows aye :P

    1. Yeah that fortress should really not be in tournies in my humble opinion..

      The night out more than made up for it all though obviously dude! Cracking night, good crew.. ;) Hope to catch you soon bro!

  9. Uagh that's pretty awful! I almost did the same thing but managed to correct it the night before. Hope you can get something sorted!

    <- Tyranid player

    1. Congrats though mate, was it 3rd you nabbed? Great work and a great result for nids everywhere!
      We've all seen them do better in 6th and I think this was a real testament to player skill and a resurgent (may be a bit strong) codex in 6th..

      Shame we didn't get a match up!