Thursday, 6 September 2012

Honeymoon over - posting will resume!

'Sup bitches!
Bet you were all worried..
Your nerves frayed..
Bet you .... hadn't even noticed I was gone..

Well, I'm back from my wonderful honeymoon with my wonderful wifey.

We spent a glorious time in semi-southern Italy, Sorrento near Capri and Amalfi... beautiful Gulf of Naples territory.

Now it's back to term time and work. I can't tell you all how happy I am to be back to work after a long summers break...
Let me think about that one..

It does mean however that I will be getting my weekly kicks from a lot of 40K and Malifaux and Dystopian Wars and general geekery rather than exploring quiet parts of Europe and eating shit loads of sea food...

Which is good news for the blog as it means MAWR POSTING! Whoot!

What did I miss? I hear some unheard of loser won the NOVA open?
Someone totally unexpected.
Stelek won it right?
I can throw that joking, jesting jab from the quiet corner of the blogosphere with impunity..
Congratulations to Tony Kopach for winning and for continuing to win with WOLVES - FOOT WOLVES! haha, so cool..I can hear the furious clipping of plastic Cadian Guardsmen from around the world as others seek to jump on

Dark Vengeance came out too! Wow, those minis (Chaos) are sexy as fuck. The DA ones are a bit meh for me, though I'm sure I'll sing a different song if the codex hits and they are, what? at least I know my weaknesses!

The new Malifaux shipped out.. winging its way to the UK as we speak I hope.. better get the other dozen crews painted before another one arrives!

Whats on the cards then? Malifaux on Monday I think, plus hopefully some Zombiecide...Gaming club on Wednesday for some more 40k.. SW with some IG blob allies? Nah. Jokes. The Necrons will be ripping up some more tabletop.

Painting.. I am aiming to paint 2 Malifaux models per week. This is the only way to get them all done so I don't feel guilty about the dust they are gathering on the shelves. I have so many of them and many have not gotten a lick of paint.. time to rectify that!

It's good to type again and throw out some of these geeking thoughts that have been round my head...Next time, they'll have far more direction and purpose! Keep it real! Plus no more images of me or the wife.. only painted toys! 


  1. You properly look like some cheesy Italian guy in that picture. Congratulations though mate. How's the novelty of saying "the wife"? Hope you guys had a great day. Welcome back

    1. Haha..umm...thanks?! Novelty of saying 'wife' is now almost 3 months old and I still get a kick from it!
      Mikaela can't say my husband without saying "my wife" in a Borat-esque accent immediately after and sniggering...still...3 months later!

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