Saturday, 25 August 2012

Vendettadins - The new black?

Hey there. So writing a blog with a picture of my own face at the top, pretentious? Maybe. Meh, I just wanted to get some mileage out of it, ha!.

Well as Ven mentioned the other day I/we have really been looking at lists that take out that reliance of the random charge distance. Its nice when it happens but DEDICATED assault units I think are really suffering now.

6th ed, at least in the early days is about fliers, shooting, scoring and resilience. You need to be packing these or ways to deal with these in your lists or Gtfo.

I've also read a lot recently about Deathstars and how they cant be worked well now with the missions. Now everyone has there opinions but personally I think in two missions (relic and kill points), the Deathstar is king. So what about the other 4? Well they are all objective based. So really then you want lots of scoring.  So to make Deathstars work you need numerous scoring options combined with anti flier options to make your death star workable and not just expensive fish in a barrel....hmm ponder ponder... me and Andy 10k came up with THIS little beaut...gentleman I give you the Vendettadins ( tried testing and AWESOME in game :) ):

Company Command Squad - Auto Cannon 60

Platoon Command - Auto Cannon - 40

2x10 Guard Squads with Auto Cannons  - 120

Veteran Squad - Auto Cannon- 80

Aegis Defense Line with quad gun - 100

Vendetta, heavy bolters - 140
Vendetta, heavy bolters - 140
Vendetta, heavy bolters - 140

Draigo - 275

10 Paladins, stave, banner, apothecary, 4 cannons, 4 hammers, 4 halberds - 750

- 1850

As you can see its got numbers, resilience and fliers...lots of fliers...lots of incredibly under costed fliers.

This means you can dominate the skys with the dettas, dominate midfield with paladins and swamp objectives with scoring bodies. It gives me funny feeling in my tummy and everything.

Little tricks I've been noticing:

*You don't have to have the aegis line in your deployment zone. Have it 6 inches in so the paladins can scout to just behind it for the first turn.
*Putting the reroll cover save order onto the vets who man the quad gun means you get 6 autocannons shots that make people reroll their cover saves
*The wound allocation shenanigans with paladins are still fricking redonculous.The unit can take all manner of abuse and can sit midfield just taunting the enemy to come close so you can try your luck at a few 10 inch plus charges...and if he doesnt..well perfect, the army continues to pound out the firepower into the face.
*The vendettas generally means you get 2 on turn 2. More than enough to destroy some opposing air force. If you get the chance go second. Apart from a few exceptions your army can take it on the chin for a turn or 2 (just keep the command squads hidden - its the easiest first blood target)
*Going to ground for a 2+ cover save with a defence line and the ordering back up next turn is ...just..wrong...people will pull "the face" as you keep doing it.
*The cheap platoon command can go in to a detta. If they die to fiery crashing oblivion; well its only 40 points. And you gain an option for a late game hover/debunk on to an objective.
*People tend to not want to charge over watching guard blobs behind defence lines; people tend to not want to charge paladins; people cant charge flyers.....see a theme?

Playing with the list is, honestly, pretty fun. The juxtaposition of having the cheapest of the cheap troops next to the most expensive of troops backed by a bit of mech means a lot of hobby buttons get pushed in game for me.

Going forward I may have a bit of a play with it. Getting a manticore in there for a bit of barrage sniping will be pretty harsh or maybe a Gk dread to better use Draigos grand master rules. A scoring dread that can still be used as AA in a pinch and add some psydefence...go on then.

Anyway, ideas? Glaring Mistakes? Thoughts?



  1. Well you need to bump is up to 2k points to legally allow you to take allies don't you?

  2. Think you're getting confused with double Force org charts mate, you don't need to hit 2k before you take allies.

    @Gaz, I played Tim Smith the other day and he brought a list very much like that one but with 2 Vendettas and a Manticore. It has potential as the Paladins cause that much of a distraction they take the heat off the Guardsmen and going to ground + get back into the fight is brill. Of the two I'd prefer a manticore and 2 Dettas, turn 2 just seems so far away when your anti tank isn't on the board.

  3. I've actually been playing a list a bit like this recently, except with coteaz, some henchmen and some termies instead of the paladins. It tends to hold it's own quite well for the first two turns, then the vendetta's come in and annihilate mech. I've won all three of my games with them, which is encouraging