Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Stealing from Stelek...playtesting continued for Crons

Awesome thievery below!
I've got 2 days of gaming lined up today and tomorrow - Bringer of Death (Steve) is off for a few days and has some time, so we are going to really hammer some gaming over the next 2 days..

My CronFlier list is proving to be pretty god damn tough, so we are looking at Steve's GK and trying out some Mech ideas for that, in additon we are trying out a more lethal GK/Allies ripped more or less straight from the pages of YTTH.

Stelek is always good for dirty armies to try out.. and yesterday he threw up (and this morning UK time we see a polished version) a GK and SW list at 2K that I thought was really so very shooty and quite lethal.

So we are testing a traditional GK mech list for Steve with the express purpose of seeing how it handles the CronFlier build.
I am not sure how well it will go for the GKs - the Haywire Warriors using Invasion Beams and the volume of fire will be pretty nasty, on the other hand the GK have plenty of TL'ing action of sufficient strength to bring down the fliers whilst also smashing the Necron foot units and glancing the Barges.

It'll be a tough test for the GK and indeed for the CronFliers, but we all need to work on our skills and tweak our armies in the run up to the Southern UK40KGT Qualifier in October.

This evening, Kabalite will join us and we are going to see what we can get out of his latest DE list. The DE have been struggling against the CronFliers and I think we have seen sufficient evidence that this is a distinct weak spot for the DE. Time to move on to another element - mass mech. How do the DE handle it in 6th? That is the next stage in playtesting for DE.

So, a few lists then:

GK Semi Mech, no Allies:
Inquisitor - 2 Skulls
6 x 5 Strike Squads - Psycannon, TL-HB Razorback w. Psy Ammo
8 x Interceptors - Psycannon
Storm Raven - TLPC, Typhoon
3 x Psyfledreads

Then we have the GK/SW list that is poached from YTTH and scaled down to 1850.

Inquisitor - 2 Skulls
Rune Priest - LL, Jaws
6 x 5 Strike Squads - Psycannon, TL-HB Razorback w. Psy Ammo
5 x Grey Hunters - Rhino
SW  Dread w. 1 x TL Autocannon, Fist
SW Vindicator
3 x Gk Psyfledreads

Pretty scary I think. Plenty of shooting for gunning down everything from Guard equivalents to Terminator equivalents. Strong enough to smash down hull points from a well blended mix of range bands. Good scoring, excellent Psychic defense, S10 pie plate action for Deathstars.
Strikes advance on foot with Vindie, Rhino and 4 Razors, 2 Razors hang back empty and provide cover for GK Dreads. SW Dread advances with foot contingent, provides limited fire but also some speed bumping/tarpitting action vs select targets.

And to recap the CronFlier build that I am running:
2 x BargeLords (Overlord, Scythe, CCB - Tesla Cannon) - 1 with Mindshackle Scarabs (MSS)
2 x Royal Courts x 4 - 3 Haywire Crypteks, 1 Veil Cryptek
2 x 10 Immortals - Gauss, 1 with a Night Scythe
3 x 5 Warriors - Night Scythes
3 x Annihilation Barges

Simple Cron build, the Hawire Crypteks double up and join the Scythe bound Warrior squads, the Immortal Scythe stays empty and on the table in the most extremely defensive positions are the Immortals. Use premeasuring, terrain and line of sight to play a very defensive game for the first and second turn (where possible, we like to go second versus armies with fliers, first is much better against armies without)

We've not really explored GK in 6th, well..not too much anyway..it's time to really see what they can do this edition. Truth is though, so many GK players in the UK are bandwagoners at tournament level, so I fully expect to see a vastly diminished GK field at tournaments - we'll see, I'll get some data from the first Qualifier before the Southern Q.. I do expect to see more allied IG messes.. Anyway.. these GK lists float your boat? What are you finding is savage in the way of GK this edition? 


  1. Not to burst the bubble but you realise you can't scale that GK/SW list down to 1850 because it relies on double foc to work.

  2. Huh? Why does it need double FOC? 6 troops, 1 hq, 3 heavy, then 1 hq ally, 1 troop ally, 1 elite ally, 1 heavy ally? TOTES legal no?

  3. Funnily enough I've been toying with a Gk and guard list myself (yes and you too Andy o) affectionately dubbed "Dettdins". Ill probably put it up as a "blue sky thinking" blog in the next few days