Friday, 10 August 2012

Necron Acan-AWESOME-thrites! lol FW hotness

Insecticons Attack!
New units from FW for the Necrons.
What I've been toying with is more shooting in my and The Voice have been working on more shooting, less random charge length nonsense..
So what should Forgeworld drop on my doorstep this evening?

Sheer awesome Jump Infantry Melta units.
They have T5 - no insta-kill like Wraiths..
They have 3W, more than Wraiths..
They have Stealth! Cover save!
They have a 3+ save.. NOTE: Not 3++..
That'd be crazy.

They cost 45 points AND can be taken in units up to 9!

So.. ditch the Wraiths totally.. and load up on Acanthrites.

Forgot to mention the Voidblades! Haha..2A and Entropic Strike/PW hahaha.

How about this for shooty Necrons?

Overlord - Warscythe, Command Barge - Tesla
Court - 4 x Haywire Crypteks
4 x 5 man Warriors - Nightscythes
4 x Acanthrites
5 x Acanthrites
5 x Acanthrites
3 x Annihilation Barges

Lol. 1850 with 7 Tesla Annihilators, 14 Jump Meltas with Entropic Strike CC, 4 Haywire units, 4 Fliers, Command Barge..
Forgeworld - I love your experimental rules! Crazy bastards..

Can you see how they fit in? Can play with that 12" RCL all day long.. toast Termies and Deathstars with ease. Remove vehicles so fast that the Tesla won't be able to kill the troops quick enough! 


  1. EDIT: What about this for more interesting list:

    DLord - Warscythe, Weave, MSS
    DLord - Warscythe, Weave, MSS
    4 x 5 Warriors in Nightscythes
    2 x 5 Acanthrites (Meltaguns, Voidblades)
    10 x Scarabs
    3 x Annihilation Barges
    Run the DLords at the front of the Acanthrites, soak up the AP3 upwards stuff, AP2 goes onto a random Acanthrite through LOS!
    Later, the DLords split off and hit seperate units or tag team for destruction..when I say later, I mean turn 2..
    Scarabs tie stuff up or draw fire as people are still scared of them..
    Fliers and Barges rape infantry as standard.
    Troops Invasion Beam late game to score objectives or add 40 Gauss shots as required..

  2. Replies
    1. Not sure it's underpriced, think they just have too much at this points level.. not that I am complaining!
      I think maybe a 4+ save would have been better rather than 3+.. that would actually balance them out quite a bit.. maybe even a 5++
      Or keep the save and drop to 2W.
      The equipment is fine. Jump Inf is fine..just think that T5/3W/3+ is the bit that wrong. A 4+ save would rectify..they ARE experimental rules afterall..

  3. Win!!! hahaha, there goes my babys milk money :/

  4. Haha! Magnetize those Wraiths to have that S6 gun's basically the same model, just one is hovering rather than standing on its tail!