Saturday, 14 July 2012

Tyranids in 6th, WIPs and thoughts

I've seen a lot of stuff around about Tyranids in the last few weeks.
I got a little bit wet when Stelek first threw out a Biomancy army on the morning (morning in the UK at least) of the 6th ed release.. I was sat in a nice little cafe sipping my morning coffee with Bringer and Kabalite and reading about cool stuff like Wither (or whatever the -S/T one is) and Iron Arm etc thinking how cool Tervigons would be like that!
Then we got the rulebook and Flying Monstrous Creatures had a whole page!
Read the rulebook.. saw the changes to Fearless.
Game changer.
Saw the changes to cover and MC's..
FNP changes for MC's and well.. everything..
Hammer of Wrath
MC AP2 at Initiative.
S4 vs Vehicles and rear armour, hitting on 3's..
There are so many reasons why Nids have the very real possiblity of being a force in 6th again.
I know a lot of people will read this and instantly dismiss it, but I think, for me.. It's time to get the bugs out and polish off that paint job..

This guy on the right was originally going to be a Harpy..I guess he still could be, but I think he may see action as a Winged Hive Tyrant. Certainly he will for friendly games.

There is a very real possibility that Tervigons and Hive Guard spamming will be the real key to 6th lists. Finish off that armour via hull point removal and then just swamp..

You'll see one of 2 Tyrgons in the bottom corner of the image, these bad boys will be coming out to play too..

The Hive Tyrant/Harpy has been painted since I took this photo.. afterall.. this image was taken over two years ago back when I was living at home and saving for my house deposit.. ah fun times.

Yup. that is just how long this guy (and my Nids in general) have been waiting to play.

This walking Hive Tyrant converted up from the Carnifex kit may also see some action. You can see him here for a size comparison with some of the other big beasties.

Although I think these will pale in comparison to the awesome size of the new Tervigon kits.

Walking up the field with the 2+ armour and a pair of TL Brainleech Devourers for glancing transports to death will be very useful.

The benefit of the 'ap-' change will really be felt..

I may even repaint this Carnifex from my childish efforts of yesteryear.. after I've ripped his arms off and added Brainleech Devourers..and another mate for his brood...and a

Soo many options that may actually be viable.
"It's too early to say too much about 6th and the way it'll impact every army" - bit of a kop out phrase but I suppose its accurate.
 On the other hand I was browsing some of the army lists being posted on the Brighton Warlords website - the first 1850 6th ed tournament happens next weekend and I am in attendence with my Crons..

Mr Sinister (I'll not reveal Rich's name.. d'oh!) posted his Nid list up.. and there I was expecting to see IG.. but all I can say is.. I have no idea how I'll kill it all!!
I have no problem with the volume of little bugs.. but one of the key areas that Necrons truly struggle with is Monstrous Creatures. We simply have no real low AP firepower..although I guess it should be noted that everything in the game dies to volume of fire eventually..

I'll throw his list up for the sake of completion.. afterall, a Venerable Brother post wouldn't be a Venerable Brother post without a list!

All I can say is.. It's nice to think "shit!" when looking at a Nid list for once... almost made me want to switch to dual Jaws Rune Priests and Wolves.. lol.

It gives me real hope that if I think "oh bugger", others will too and there is hope for Nids in 6th. Now, I know that Space Wolves will be coolio with it.. but I'm not changing...that's a bit too ...lame. I guess I'll just have to use my brain.. balls.

Let me know how you'll kill it? or tell me I'm worried over nothing! 

Tyranids - 1850 pts

Tervigon (160) with Adrenal Glands (10), Toxin Sacs (10) = 180
Tervigon (160) with Adrenal Glands (10), Toxin Sacs (10) = 180

3 Hive Guard (3x50=150) = 150
2 Hive Guard (2x50=100) = 100
2 Hive Guard (2x50=100) = 100

Tervigon (160) with Adrenal Glands (10), Toxin Sacs (10), Catalyst (15) = 195
Tervigon (160) with Adrenal Glands (10), Toxin Sacs (10), Catalyst (15) = 195
Tervigon (160) with Adrenal Glands (10), Toxin Sacs (10), Catalyst (15) = 195
11 Termagants (5x11=55) = 55
10 Termagants (5x10=50) = 50
10 Termagants (5x10=50) = 50

Trygon (200) = 200
Trygon (200) = 200
Total = 1850

Hmm... still think "oh bugger." ... I also think.. fuck yes.. I am so stealing that! Rich, I do not look forward to a rematch, bring back the Imperial Guard! haha.. 


  1. Nice to see the Nids getting some love! I am 2 games into 6th but both I have pretty much tabled my opponent - the key? fearless gants and no more No Retreat.

    A brood of 20 will now effectively hold up Termis or a couple of MSUs for the entire game.

    I would probably drop one Hive Guard and make a single unit of 20 gants just for this.

    Not overly impressed with flying MCs though - very expensive and Vector Strike just doesn't cut it for our anti air solution. Does make a Flyrant much harder to kill though...

  2. Fearless changes are just huge.. can really hold up units..true tarpitting.

    Flyrants are damned expensive though aren't they!? Like 250-300 points! Get crazy with just wings being 60pts in itself, add 30 for double Brainleech Dev's and boom, you have a 260 point beast!

    Vector Strike may not be an anti air solution, but it can work vs transports, fly over in swoop during movement and then gun down another transport or unit with TL S6 12 shots..

    How do you run your Flyrants (if you are running them)?

    Any thoughts on Hormagaunts.. its just I have about 30 and want to run them, but fear they just die still to mass fire..

  3. Andy, Thanks for this.

    All I was thinking when going through the 6th Ed book was how much better my beloved 5 Tervigon list was! The change to fearless, combined with the fact it's easier to get cover for the ridiculously large Tervigon models, makes it a whole lot better.

    It's a strange army to play - but the introduction of hull points and the lacking of scoring/contesting for vehicles most of the time means that I think more and more of the early 6th lists we'll see will be on foot. Anything that's on foot can be killed/tarpitted by 200-odd poisoned gaunts!

    I've left out the Flyrant and the Harpies, despite them being very very cool, for a couple of reasons - 1. The Flyrant takes up a Tervigon slot. and 2. Any army with fliers/anti-tank (especially Night Scythes and Dettas) will put them down with ease. I'd rather have the Trygons for backfield disruption.

    There are only really two lists that properly worry me - firstly, 6/9 Vendettas, as I don't have nearly enough anti-flyer, and they eat up the big guys. The other is your classic space wolves list, especially if they brought multiple Rune Priests with Jaws and the obligatory 15+ missile launcher shots.

    As to 6th degrees' suggestion - I think I'd rather have the Hive Guard, they're essential for dealing with some lists. And I normally have an awful lot of gaunts running around very quickly....

    Just for reference, the two HQ Tervigons normally take a Telekinesis power. Crush and Vortex of Doom give some more anti-tank shooting (Vortex of Doom is actually good for once, as the Terv is relentless...), and Gate of Infinity is a game winner, as shown by so many Marine players over the years. The other powers aren't quite as good, but still useful.

    Looking forward to seeing you at Brighton!


    1. I figured the HQs would grab something. Thought you might have gone Biomancy, but I guess if it is just one roll (without the 2nd purchased power) then Telekinesis could be very useful.. Gate is fantastic as always, but then I'm a big advocate of teleporting in general!

      Whilst I agree that 6/9 Vendettas would cause a huge amount of pain for you, I just can't see them being at Brighton..guys simply will not have gone all out and grabbed a load just yet.. although one of the guys, think his name is Alex, runs a load of Vendetta's so could have them. Realistically, you'll just not see 9 Vendettas next weekend.
      Space Wolves on the other hand.. you will plenty of! Missiles will put hurt on you, but easier cover and FNP (from Catalyst Terv's) will make a big difference.
      Jaws on the other hand.. can and will be a killer.

      I think you are spot on about the, certainly early stages, change to 6th, with people having to get out of vehicles and no charges when disembarking etc.. Whilst it doesn't mean that there will be no mechanised armies, the function of those vehicles may change...transports being transport vehicles again for example.

      I think the 3 x X Hive Guard are still absolutely essential. I know I need them locally as well as when I get my Nids ready for tournies.

      I look forward also to seeing you next weekend bud, just don't want to play you! Not til game 6 anyway.. don't want those damn bugs ruining my weekend! haha..

  4. I will be running my Flyants with Devs and Regen - I wouldnt normally take Regen, but with the current lack of Skyfire, they only seem to be taking one wound a turn; even with some dedicated fire coming at them. Regen helps them stay in the game another turn or two. I think I've probably not had the best use of Vector strike yet - it hasn't been much better than the Dev shots in my games, although it is useful for the extra AP.

    Horms are the new Genestealers now really - although with the nerd (IMO) to Fleet I have been sticking with Gants and Terv combos, they seem more effective and cheaper that uber-Horms.

    I've only been playing with Biomancy at the moment but Iron Arm has been royally pissing off my regular GK opponent.

    1. You think perhaps the cheaper Termie is a better option especially when paired with the Flyrant - primarily due to its cost being so high? Need to balance the books elsewhere so to speak?

      On Biomancy.. hmm...where did I put those crap dice that only roll 1's?