Friday, 13 July 2012

Malifaux reignites my interest.. GenCon always does..

Ok, I freely admit to not giving Malifaux the love it deserves. I've not played in ages and ages..despite Bringer getting some wicked cool Sarissa Western town buildings and stuff..combined with our existing terrain, we can have some really amazing looking terrain..

But I've been playing Dystopian Wars and now 6th ed has me all excited.. but then this image came along..
And I was back again...


Yes please.. August is too far away!

This is something I can really get behind..

Best thing about Malifaux was always that it was just so damned cool and cheap to get stuck into.

So with images like these.. you know the miniatures will be almost identical.. that is just how Wyrd rolls..

you can put some real faith in that, that the figures will come out as cool as these images..

Plus, on a final quick note.. who doesn't love a busty 'ho with some evil magick in her..

I'm clearly going to have to paint up my Dreamer crew and those bloody dolls that keep staring at me from the shelf... 


  1. I can't wait till this comes out its looking so cool.
    And yes you are going to have to paint them : )
    Before the new faction comes out

  2. Before! Man, what a ballbreaker!
    Any info on whats in the new book? Or is it too far off yet?

  3. Replies
    1. Super-stylised, the Malifaux stuff always is.. best bit is the models always look almost exactly the same!

  4. Man too many games too little time!!! lol deffo need a game of faux this week though.. been too long!