Sunday, 13 May 2012

Perfect Sunday Morning?

So many rivets... ;) 
Chilled out Sunday morning for me today.
Painting my Dystopian Wars fleet with Das Boot on the TV. 
What a film, not watched it since I was in college about 18..whoa ten years since then! 
Forget how tense it is! Crushing feeling of dread inside that boat with all the U Boat crew.. 
Perfect for painting up my Naval Battle Group though, 

These guys now all have 3 colours on them, next to come is the airbrushed Devlan Mud wash over the lot..then highlighting. 

Going to have to get stuck into some of these rivets.. there a literally dozens per boat.. little touch of metal and then a little extra oil leak, perhaps some green in there too for the brass/bronze. 

It's so quick to get these guys up to speed.. there is a lot more detailing to do before these guys are finished, but it is a wonderful feeling to get the models painted up. 

Still have the Bombers and the Tiny Flyers to do.. hopefully have 2 more squadrons being delivered for the end of next week, some Inari Scout Gyro's and some Tanuki Gunships... both of which I am told are very good units.. I genuinely orded them cause I like the look of them! 

To complete my Empire of the Blazing Sun I want a HeliCarrier to launch Tiny Flyers off of, then a Dreadnought - a massive heavily armed naval unit and finally I'd really like the Ika Squid Sub/Robot.. then I have all the cool looking stuff in the army and job done. 


  1. Looking really nice mate, can't wait to pitch my Prussians against them ;)

  2. They are looking basic dude.. lol.

    We I can't wait to get stuck into more games! Especially new boats to clash with!

  3. Cool game eh? Glad ur enjoying it bro :) meh basic but I bet they'll look good on the board especially after a coat of painters pixie dust (Devlan Mud) lol

  4. Yup..gotta love the mud lol...

    It is a good game, simple mechanic to get going but clear tactical thought required, really enjoying flying stuff and the speed/nimbleness of EotBS fleet..

  5. bloody hell don't paint those rivets. not only would it be soul destroying, it would also defeat the point of the painting on a ship (sealing the bare metal). instead, i would paint some large flags on the sides to draw the eye, and add some easy definition to the rivets with a diluted wash done by hand.

    looking forward to seeing them done!

  6. Right..good point.. I'll not paint the rivets, just wash then highlight them to define them a little..

    Flags are a good idea, I was thinking of attempting that on the 'noses'/prows? But that may leave the sides a little bare..

  7. you could extend the sun rays down the ships and then fade them out? Or end them at the edge of a panel?

  8. That's a cracking idea.. I'll try and do one tonight and post it up.. see how it looks.. I might fade out the white underneath as it tracks with the sun rays.. fade back to the blue through ever increasingly thinned white glazes..