Saturday, 12 May 2012

Airbrushing Dystopian Wars

HaHa! Got hold of Bringer's airbrush! Going to smash out my new Dystopian Wars Empire of the Blazing Sun/Japanese fleet now!!

We've got a games night planned tonight between Bringer, Kabalite and myself as the other half is away on her Hen Do. Geek on!

So what have we got..

This is what I want them to look like. Not a finished product by any means, but it has a base coat in all the colours I want as well as a magical Devlan Mud wash. I'm going to try and bring up the French Mirage Blue (Vallejo range) through at least 2 blends, well glazes more like.. but it'll look nice.

I am wondering if a sharply contrasting colour is required.. ? Thoughts appreciated. Red or White for the Empire flag.

So this is the airbrushed fleet with just FM Blue on it:

Easy, got the paint to a milky consistency, threw it down the throat of the airbrush and BOOM! done.
It must be said in future I will blue tack the frigates and tiny flyers down to the surface as they blew away under the power of the airbrush!


Afterwards, pretty simple..

Rinse through the brush with cleaner, I did it about 3 times, although Bringer said to do it twice.. I wanted to make sure it was clean..

I didn't want cleaner to go everywhere, so blew it into this receptor thing.

Then of course.. time to wash up.. if you are living with your other half.. better do it in an unused sink in the utility room or something or you get in trouble for getting paint and shit everywhere in her kitchen.. ;)

I'm now going to just slap on the paint for the decking (calthan brown base coat) and the rivets and guns (I use a mix of Dwarf Bronze with Scorched Brown 50:50 as a base)

After those bits are done, I'll try out the airbrush with Devlan Mud and get the whole lot washed and ready for highlighting..

I love this airbrush bollocks.


  1. Not too sure myself. I started my EotBS fleet aeons ago now... still not done. I sit down with them and then procrastinate on where to go next if I'm honest. Right now I'm struggling to decide blue or green windows. Then it's light tan deck or dark tan deck... and how much brass is too much? If it helps this is sort of where I'm at with my fleet right now:

    Hope it gives you some inspiration!!! It's given me bugger all. :P

  2. Thanks dude, those look pretty cool.. shame you've not worked on them for what? 9 months now!?
    get them painted!
    I'm going pretty down to earth on these guys. Not totally stripped back to just metal, but a very simple paint scheme.. but I just feel extra colour somewhere is needed!
    Thanks for the insight though..

  3. nice work bro, you did a good job... I'm still get my Tshirt airbrush and never work details likes yours.