Saturday, 31 December 2011

Happy New Year from the Sons'

It's a been an explosive year in wargaming for the Sons'.. we have more writers than ever - though they are MOST infrequent in their posting... ;) more readers and more hits than ever..

We've hit a lot of tournaments collectively, though its also possible that Alex has been to more tournaments than the rest of the Sons' combined..

We've opened our own gaming club and its surviving into its 3rd month now..

But most importantly, we've met some cool people, had good games, fun games and have all made it through the year intact.

Maybe not all of us, Bully died.
So to speak, but he is not forgotten and the number of DRAFT blog posts that appear on the list from him and then never get posted hints at some sort of ghost in the machine..

Thanks for making this site what it is, whatever it is...

You, reading this now..thanks brother.
You've made the Sons of Sanguinius.
We are all Sons..

Have a great 2012...I know we will!


  1. Ok ok hint taken, geesh what a taskmaster.

    Happy new year all!

  2. Happy New Year Guys.

    I hope you all have an exceptional 2012!!! :)

  3. Happy New Year to you all. it has been a good one for 40k for me, mostly, lets hope the next is even better :)