Saturday, 3 December 2011

5 Sons hit a tournament at once!

Today is Blog Wars 2, a one day 1750 tournament at the Maelstrom in Mansfield.
22 players, so relatively small...but perfectly formed..

We have 5 representative's heading down:
Me(Ven) with my Anrakyr led Necron force (the only Necrons attending)
Atreides with his Elysians
Bringer of Death (Sons' affiliate lol!) with his Al Raheim IG
Kabalite with his Duke DE
Bradimus Prime with his Loganwing..

Technically, Killswitch will be there too, but he'll be playing with the big boys (literally, I mean, we've told him, but he just loves to fondle...) and "training" for the ETC.

So, that's just Bully that'll not be there..Bull, if all the other Sons' are killed in a freak accident today - you must continue the SoS legacy!

As you can see there is a trend there, all the Sons' are taking Special Characters..this is a theme for the tournament and will, of course, notice that Atreides has no SC..this is due to the Elysians um, well...not having any..

Does this gimp the tournament and the army choices people have? Nope. You'll see SC every where you go..there are 5 BA lists here today...I wonder how many Mephistons you'll that because it is a gimped tournie? Nope, just ask Alex (Killswitch), he's still a pimp.

Some familiar faces there too, but some new ones as well..the boys from the 40KUK Podcast are there, rocking Njal Wolves and Deathwing...Bringer of Death listens to these guys weekly and swears by it, I've not listened to it, but I do see the guys up there in the UK Rankings, so these guys will be players of note for sure..

What are my aims for this tournament? Well, I won last time, thanks, in not an insignificant part, to Atreides fucking up...and this time, I would like to come top 3...this gives me prize money and I can spend it on new toys!!
Last time I bought a Storm Raven for lols.. if I win again? couple of dreadknights so I can try out a ridiculous GK build that I'd prolly never do if I had to actually buy them with MY money!!

Anyway, I just wanted to say good luck to all the guys today, and don't take it too personally when I curb-stomp your sorry arses! Whoop! Got the banter in early mo-fo's!


  1. Well I drew with Brad by playing like a coward :p

  2. @ Atreides lol obviously he was taking his time basking in his own glory ;)